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Why the UN is looking to Impose new Digital Security Laws In 2021




Digital security laws were unheard of this time a century ago as technology did not play a crucial role in most people’s lives and, in our society, as it does today. As technology developed it started to become much cheaper as there were new advancements all the time. This made technology much more accessible rather than it being something only the elite had. As it became accessible this allowed the average person to purchase new technology, this also led to the majority of the population spending on average 9 hours a day on various devices and on the internet. As some functions of the internet, for example, online shopping, require people to input personal data, there had to be laws created that would protect this data. There are so many digital functions that need to have laws around them for example there is a lot of legislation around VPN’s, VPN’s are fantastic but it can be difficult to find the right VPN for your needs if you need help then read this to help you choose the best VPN.  It is often underestimated how important digital security laws are and as technology has continued to evolve, these laws have had to be changed to keep up. Digital security laws are imposed by a variety of governing authorities, from local councils to the president’s team and even by organizations that enforce rules worldwide such as the UN. 

What is the UN?

The UN stands for the United Nations. This is an extremely important international organization that is involved in many decisions worldwide and has a huge impact on many people’s lives. The main aims of the UN are to achieve and maintain world peace, encourage individual countries to have friendly and helpful relationships with their neighbors as this would be beneficial to all, and support and defend social progressions and basic human rights. The UN was created following the Second World War in 1945, it was created to replace the League of Nations that had failed to prevent World War 2. The UN is a superior organization to the League of Nations as it has much more of an impact. Unlike the League of Nations, every country is invited to join the UN, back in 1945 there were only 45 members, since then the organization has gained 148 new members making it one of the biggest organizations in the world.  

The UN has had many great achievements since its creation in 1945. One of their best achievement is that the UN is responsible for feeding over 90 million people who have no access to food, every single year. This has a massive impact on poorer communities or areas that have been struck by natural disasters as it takes off a lot of pressure for the citizens there. Other notable achievements include providing vaccines for around 58% of the children in the world and for all the hard work they were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2001. 

Why are digital security laws important?

Many people underestimate the importance of digital security laws as it’s much harder to imagine the danger when you’re scrolling through various sites on the internet than it is when you’re walking down a dark street at night. Even though it may not seem as dangerous, the threat of a digital attack is very real and can have extremely damaging consequences. The average person trusts the internet and doesn’t give much thought to internet security at all which makes it easier for people to plan and carry out cyberattacks or scams. The main purpose of digital security laws is to keep people safe. Most people have uploaded large amounts of personal data online, for example, when people are online shopping, they provide websites with their information such as their name, address, and even their bank details. It’s important that these and any other details are kept safe and that’s the main reason why digital security laws are so important.  

Some countries have really strict business-related digital security laws, for example, in the UK if a business were to break any of their digital security laws they can be handed a hefty fine of up to £10k and depending on the severity of the breach can even face jail time. The biggest risk associated with storing your data online without these laws is that you could become a victim of identity theft or fraud. 

Why is the UN imposing new digital security laws in 2021?

The UN is only one of many authorities that are planning to impose new digital security laws this year. These laws will be based around controlling several aspects of digital security including the collection of data, the use of data, the retention of it, and ensuring that personal data that is no longer needed is disposed of. These laws are being planned and considered as the old laws may be too relaxed, the number of cyberattacks grows each year meaning there need to be some additional safety implemented. The UN recently released a report detailing what changes are going to be implemented and when. Some of the most notable changes from this report include tightening the laws around international humanitarian laws in regard to any cyber activities and providing more protection for citizens who become the victim of cyber-attacks.  

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Opinion Piece: Is CBD the way Forward for Medical Care





In the last few years, CBD products have become much more popular than they previously were. Up until recently, there was a public misconception in relation to CBD. Not a lot of people really understood what it was and to most, it was just considered to be another form of marijuana.  However, through the published research of scientists and an increase in public use, the difference between CBD and your standard THC products became much more well known.  

As the world has become more accepting of CBD, we have been able to look further into the medical benefits that CBD has. In fact, due to extensive research, it is now believed that CBD could serve as a replacement for a lot of the medications that we regularly use. But what medical benefits does CBD have and will it be able to replace medicines that are typically prescribed? 


The medical benefits of CBD 


Anti-inflammatory properties  

One of the reasons that CBD has become so popular in the last few years is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Something that you may know about CBD is that you can find it in several forms. As well as being available in consumable forms, you can also buy it as cream and lotions.  These creams and lotions can be applied directly to affected areas, such as skin inflammations and acne flares. CBD has been known to lessen the severity of any surface skin swelling and for this reason, many people are starting to replace their chemically based acne treatments with more natural CBD products.  

As well as being a good way of treating external inflammation, CBD can also be used to treat internal inflammatory issues. This means that CBD is extremely useful when it comes to the treatment of joint pain, which is often caused by inflammation within the joint area. CBD has become a much more favorable option for the treatment of joint pain because the usual medication that is prescribed to deal with the pain can often lead to feelings of drowsiness, which is extremely inconvenient when you have a long list of tasks ahead of you. 


Mental health  

Though CBD is not guaranteed to cure your mental illnesses, there are a number of mental ailments that CBD can help with.  If you are someone that deals with extreme anxiety, then you will definitely want to look into purchasing some CBD products. CBD is a natural stress reliever that produces oxytocin, which is a chemical that is crucial to lifting moods. Anxiety sufferers that have been using CBD regularly have commented that the effects of CBD start to take effect after only a few uses. bietet eine breite Palette an CBD-Öl that can be taken in many ways, so if you are interested in seeing what medical benefits CBD can have, you can try purchasing oils online.  


Chronic Pains 

CBD has been used recently for the treatment of chronic pain. As I previously stated, a lot of the medication that is prescribed to deal with pain can often lead to feelings of drowsiness. If you are someone that has to take medication daily then being tired is something that you will want to avoid, as it isn’t possible to carry out all of your daily tasks while also being exhausted. CBD does not create that tiresome effect that a lot of medications do, so if you are someone that constantly needs pain relief, then you should look into using CBD products.  



Another reason that people believe that CBD products will eventually take the place of a lot of medications is due to the costs. CBD is a naturally occurring chemical that you can find in hemp plants, whereas a lot of medications that are used for treatments are artificially created and can be extremely costly. Not only are the ingredients costly, but medication takes a substantial amount of time to create, which once again is extremely inconvenient.  

As CBD is naturally occurring, alls it takes is continuous breeding and there is an endless supply of CBD which can be converted into its many forms, which can go on to treat many health issues.  

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The Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2021





Building and running your own website is easier now than it has ever been. With the release of HTML 5, many easy-to-use websites have started popping up focused on helping you build and maintain your website, and even help you register your domain and host your website’s server!

This is great for individuals or small businesses who need some professional-looking presence on the internet, but for anyone more serious about their website or for larger businesses who have much more rigid needs and expect much higher traffic, these solutions aren’t going to do the job.


In these cases, you’ll need to find a way to host the website yourself. Just a few years ago this meant either buying or renting a dedicated server and running everything yourself, which could be expensive and difficult. Luckily, VPS’ came around and now you can rent a share in a vps server where all the most difficult parts of website hosting are taken care of for you at now very affordable prices.

The Virtual Private Future

VPS’, unlike shared servers (a slightly older solution to the website hosting problem) provide you with a share of a server that has all the functionality of an actual server, allocating you exclusive usage of some of the server’s RAM, CPU, and storage.

This means that VPS function almost exactly the same as any remote server, but allows you to purchase far smaller amounts without losing out on functionality. Being aimed at the wider market, VPS usually includes some useful tools for building websites and helps with buying a domain making them a great way to host your site at any level of expertise.


Liquid Web

Starting on the more expensive side, my first recommendation for a VPS would be Liquid Web. They are definitely not the most affordable option, but you pay a premium for a great service. Deciding to focus their business on providing value for money instead of just a low price, they easily give you the most bang for your buck in the market.

Liquid Choices

They provide a huge amount of customization for your server, including many Operating System choices and a host of web building tools where most VPS have a very limited set of options. They provide very powerful servers with extremely high bandwidth, allowing you to host a huge amount of data and traffic through your website.

Liquid Value

Their main draw is that they provide a fully managed service, meaning they will actively detect and fix any service malfunctions or website crashes. This will often cost somewhere around $30 a month extra on top of your normal fee from other providers, meaning that this service can often end up cheaper than budget options.



Acting as almost a holistic host service, Hostgator offer a wide variety of different option, including domain hosting and a cloud service. Their VPS offering is also extremely impressive, and often considered best-in-class for unmanaged servers, providing up to 240GB storage and uncapped bandwidth to ensure that even decently demanding servers can run flawlessly on their service.

They provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee making it up there with the greats when it comes to reliability and provides plenty of early benefits such as a month of free transfers for new accounts and a 45-day money-back guarantee. They also provide heavy discounts for any customers who decide to opt for their 3-year plans, meaning that you can upgrade with some extras and get a brilliant service for a fair price.



Perhaps one of the most customizable services by way of their pricing model, Bluehost has some of the cheapest bare-bones plans on the market, with many options to add only the extras you need for your particular website. This service also comes with free domain and web building tools, providing extreme value for money at the lower end of the market.

Their hardware also makes the cut, providing SSD storage for faster service and powerful shares of CPU and RAM. They have a somewhat limited bandwidth limit without paying for extra and the actual amount of storage you get is very low, but if you’re aiming for a budget VPS it is very likely you are running a smaller site that won’t take advantage of higher limits anyway.



Hostwinds has decided to try and appeal to the largest market possible, providing a huge amount of customization with both its pricing and its service. They provide many managed and unmanaged plans at a huge range of prices for exactly how powerful and what type of server you would like. Their basic plan is extremely weak, but their other plans are quite impressive for the price.

The main draw to Hostwinds is definitely the option to pay a small premium to have your server run one of the Windows Server operating systems. This is quite unique for a VPS, especially one at a mid-low price point. This saves a lot of hassle for those who are used to running windows servers and now want to run their own site, which is a market that houses a surprising amount of punters.

It is easier than ever now to run your own website and it is getting easier by the year. VPS has broken one of the greatest boundaries stopping small businesses from achieving their full potential online. Any of these services will end up cheaper than hiring a web technician or buying your own server, and they offer more than enough extras to help anyone start a website.

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This Small Community Is Tackling Mental Health Stigmas Through Poetry





Mental health issues have really come to the forefront of the public eye in recent years. In the past, a lot of mental health issues would have been written off as something else or simply put down as madness. Millions of people throughout history have been imprisoned or killed because of what we now know to be nothing more than an illness.

But we are a much more enlightened society now. With our improved medical technology, we can examine what is going in inside our minds and utilize both advanced medicines and therapy tactics to help combat these devastating conditions.

It is also a sad truth that these days more and more people are presenting with mental health issues. Due to a combination of increased global uncertainty and social media exposing us to distressing imagery that can adversely affect us. But despite the increased number of people who now suffer from it, there is still a massive stigma attached to mental illness.

The Stigma

It wasn’t that long ago that medicine still considered mental conditions taboo. And this stigma still stands. A lot of people talk about how they are supportive of those with these conditions, but when it comes down to it most people are uneducated and afraid of these illnesses when their symptoms present themselves in others.

It is still considered rude and hurtful for someone to shut themselves off from others when in reality that person is battling horrible depression. People avoid friends who lash out at them or have random bursts of intense emotions, but these are simply symptoms of bipolar disorder and cannot be helped.

No matter what it is, our society still looks at those who suffer from mental illnesses with a cautious eye, while offering them support with their voices. This dual mindset is often alienating to those who suffer as they can often see through the shallow gestures.



Liverpool is at the forefront of creativity and compassion. The cities residents are some of the nicest on the planet and they work tirelessly to combat issues such as homelessness and mental health. A few years back there was an inactive where a group of Liverpool creatives worked with homeless people to create poetry books. The profits from these books went to help the writers, while also seeking to raise awareness about the stark realities of being without a home.

And now it seems these same people are turning their poetical talents towards combatting the negative stigmas associated with mental illness. The idea is to put together a number of collections written by people who suffer from extreme mental illnesses. They are working with a few hospitals and mental health charities to put this together, looking to put all the funds from the book sales back into these charities.

The Power of Poetry

Poetry is an extremely powerful tool. It can help us find the best love quotes to help you say i love you to that special someone in your life. Poetry can lift us up to new heights or bring us down to the darkest depths. And it is also a great way for a writer to share their emotional and physical experiences in a subtle and emotional way.

It is with this power the collective seeks to destroy the stigmas surrounding these issues. The poems will be raw and emotional looks into the harsh realities of mental illness. The idea is the reader will be able to get a feel for what it is like to live with these conditions, but without having to experience it themselves.

It also seeks to remind people that those who suffer from these conditions are not defined by them. It is not their personality. They are individuals with hopes and fears and aspirations like anyone else. This project seeks to remind people of that. To have them look at their accomplishments and their talent, rather than their illness.

We have big hopes for this project. We personally think it is an extremely worthwhile endeavor that will shed a lot of light on a subject that has remained in the dark for far too long. But what do you think? Will you be giving it a read?


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