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Art is a language for most artists and art lovers. It is just a way of life. Most artists express themselves through their art. That is what makes their art so special and personal. When an artist creates art, they have some intention behind it. They try their best to convey their thoughts through it. But each viewer also has its own set of ideas and concepts of viewing art. And that’s what is unique about any artform. Any viewer will see what they want to see. Their emotions, state of mind, experiences will play a big role in their perception of the artwork. Hence, each artwork gets its unique lifelines once it is out in the open.

How can I help?

If you are an avid art follower or an artist, we would like to hear your opinions. It is rare to find someone who has informed opinions on various forms of art. If you are one of them, you are valued. Your critical opinions can help a lot of people. When a piece of art is created, it has different forms of recognition. Some people love understanding art, some are studies in it, and their critical opinion is crucial for the artist’s growth. Some critics have seen art around the world, and hence they know all the perspectives of the artist. They can help in spreading awareness and giving a detailed analysis of art. All these people together form the art community. It is not just made of creators, but also mentors, critics, buyers, analysts, teachers, and publishers.

How does it help?

This criticism or review helps the creator create their unique voice and develop their form of expression. Even art forums and newsletters benefit from a well-informed reader giving their genuine feedback. It helps their curators as well as published artists to take constructive criticism. Criticism is not a negative term when it comes to art. All forms of criticism are welcomed. Not all of it is not bad or hateful. When it comes from a positive point of view, it can help an artist grow. A reviewer might think from a point of view that an artist missed. Each viewer brings their own perspectives. Hence, if the artwork is viewed by 1000 people, it is seen through 1000 unique perspectives.

Your opinions reflect the viewer’s thoughts. It helps the creator understand their audience better. Only when they know you better; will they be able to create art that appeals to you. It will also help you connect with the forms of art that you appreciate. It helps various artists with gaining exposure and direct feedback from their audience.

Nothing can replace a genuine well-wisher’s feedback. They don’t give feedback to hate or criticize but to help you grow. The reviews by the informed audience will help an artist refine their vision and create art even more efficiently. It also helps in shaping an artist as an overall complete creator. It helps them gain a unique voice and express most effectively. Hence if you are someone who has unique, informed opinions, your feedback is more than welcome.

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This Small Community Is Tackling Mental Health Stigmas Through Poetry




Mental health issues have really come to the forefront of the public eye in recent years. In the past, a lot of mental health issues would have been written off as something else or simply put down as madness. Millions of people throughout history have been imprisoned or killed because of what we now know to be nothing more than an illness.

But we are a much more enlightened society now. With our improved medical technology, we can examine what is going in inside our minds and utilize both advanced medicines and therapy tactics to help combat these devastating conditions.

It is also a sad truth that these days more and more people are presenting with mental health issues. Due to a combination of increased global uncertainty and social media exposing us to distressing imagery that can adversely affect us. But despite the increased number of people who now suffer from it, there is still a massive stigma attached to mental illness.

The Stigma

It wasn’t that long ago that medicine still considered mental conditions taboo. And this stigma still stands. A lot of people talk about how they are supportive of those with these conditions, but when it comes down to it most people are uneducated and afraid of these illnesses when their symptoms present themselves in others.

It is still considered rude and hurtful for someone to shut themselves off from others when in reality that person is battling horrible depression. People avoid friends who lash out at them or have random bursts of intense emotions, but these are simply symptoms of bipolar disorder and cannot be helped.

No matter what it is, our society still looks at those who suffer from mental illnesses with a cautious eye, while offering them support with their voices. This dual mindset is often alienating to those who suffer as they can often see through the shallow gestures.



Liverpool is at the forefront of creativity and compassion. The cities residents are some of the nicest on the planet and they work tirelessly to combat issues such as homelessness and mental health. A few years back there was an inactive where a group of Liverpool creatives worked with homeless people to create poetry books. The profits from these books went to help the writers, while also seeking to raise awareness about the stark realities of being without a home.

And now it seems these same people are turning their poetical talents towards combatting the negative stigmas associated with mental illness. The idea is to put together a number of collections written by people who suffer from extreme mental illnesses. They are working with a few hospitals and mental health charities to put this together, looking to put all the funds from the book sales back into these charities.

The Power of Poetry

Poetry is an extremely powerful tool. It can help us find the best love quotes to help you say i love you to that special someone in your life. Poetry can lift us up to new heights or bring us down to the darkest depths. And it is also a great way for a writer to share their emotional and physical experiences in a subtle and emotional way.

It is with this power the collective seeks to destroy the stigmas surrounding these issues. The poems will be raw and emotional looks into the harsh realities of mental illness. The idea is the reader will be able to get a feel for what it is like to live with these conditions, but without having to experience it themselves.

It also seeks to remind people that those who suffer from these conditions are not defined by them. It is not their personality. They are individuals with hopes and fears and aspirations like anyone else. This project seeks to remind people of that. To have them look at their accomplishments and their talent, rather than their illness.

We have big hopes for this project. We personally think it is an extremely worthwhile endeavor that will shed a lot of light on a subject that has remained in the dark for far too long. But what do you think? Will you be giving it a read?


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