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The Future Of Entertainment- Cable Vs. Streaming!



The modern era is all about being digital, as you are only a few taps away from your desired content. Smartphones have made entertainment a bit easier for everyone, whereas cable connections have remained a vital part of everyone’s house. Nowadays, the increasing hype of streaming platforms such as Netflix and others is creating a delusion among people if they need to get rid of the cable connections.

Let us look in a detailed discussion of the future of entertainment- cable vs. Streaming and look at some statistics related to both aspects.

Cable vs Streaming!

With the advanced tech companies establishing every day, an endless variety of streaming devices have become popular such as Roku Ultra, fire tv stick, apple tv, and more. The easy access to streaming platforms is putting the future of cable into darkness. In 2020, people mainly entertain themselves with streaming platforms and digital content mainly. Despite the fact that popular online content and Streaming platforms are popular, the cable is an indispensable part of the future of entertainment.

Many surveys are conducted to enable one to understand that cable networks have been going through tough times and millions of people cut their subscriptions from the cable. 28% of us citizens cut the cable connection in the covid-19, and 24% already don’t have a cable connection already. Almost 48% of Americans decided not to cut the cable cord in 2020 even in the pandemic outbreak as there are indispensable channels like discovery, ESPN, CNN, and fx.

If you are wondering why most people are considering cutting the cable connections, the obvious reason behind it is cost. A wide range of people is paying at least $48 or less per month for streaming platforms. In addition, the cost of the cable keeps on increasing, and most quality content is available at the streaming platforms only.

There are chances that people cancel out their cable subscriptions for Netflix, prime video, disney+, and other streaming platforms. The ease of using streaming platforms on smartphones easily, whereas not everyone has enough time to watch content upon cable networks. Since the pandemic began, people have subscribed to one or two new streaming platforms for making it easier for them to pass their leisure time. Hence, we can say that there is no doubt in the aspect that people are choosing cable and digital streaming platforms always.

The final judgment

The final judgment is a great choice for people to understand that cable and Streaming both are convenient. With the outbreak of pandemic due to covid-19 cable seems to struggle a lot as in millions, people gave up on the cable connections. Even though we are presented with endless options, streaming platforms, people still have tv subscriptions. The requirement of content channels like discovery, ESPN, CNN, fx, and others is inevitable. We hope the details stated above make sense to you in learning better about that tv and streaming platforms are crucial for the future of entertainment.

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The Role Of Technology In Expanding SMEs In This Festive Season!




The festive season is one of the most important times for all the businesses regardless of the size and type of businesses. All the businesses wish to have the highest profits during the festive seasons by upgrading their businesses and attracting a wide range of customers. With the ongoing situation, only technology can help in improving the working in this festive season surely.

Many SMEs businesses are waiting eagerly for festive seasons to cover up all the costs. We are taking a look into guide how technology is assisting with the expansion of SMEs in the festive season.

Advanced technology for the growth of SMEs!

With the creative content, social media, and remarketing campaigns for tempting emails as well as persuasive landing pages and digital marketing teams are already difficult to work trying for best communicate deals. Potential customers can assist in gaining the attention of the new audience. Technologies can assist in improving the condition of the business in the festive seasons accordingly. By managing up the actions and strategies for business can help in the marketing funnel. Lastly, no need to be concerned about the cost as all of it is affordable for SMEs as well.

There are five critical areas of technologies that SMEs need to focus on that we have discussed in brief in detail mentioned below.

  • Acquisition:

digital marketing teams are required to invest in technologies for making simple for them and utilize data for the growth of the business and scale. You can consider improving the target audience can be done with affordable and easy to use marketing analytics applications.

  • Engagement:

in the covid-19, most sales for business sales are online driven from the covid-19. Technology assists in improving customer engagement to a great extent and attain potential benefits surely. With proper communication by the brands with customers, more sales are driven towards the brands. Especially considering the festive season, SMEs help in improving customer engagement through chat and push notifications.

  • Retention:

it is better to focus on the upcoming end of year sales is mainly customer retention. With the increasing use of technologies for predictive analytics for reducing churn as well as boosting revenue from the current customers. With the great potential of predictive analytics, businesses can manage to do great with revenues and increase ROI considerably.

  • Multichannel campaigns:

it has become really easy for online retailers to launch, optimize, and expand campaigns among different channels surely. With ai, marketers can attain maximum benefit surely, and SMEs will get insights into the workflows. It is an affordable option towards which everyone needs to be considerate of.

  • Data gathering:

last but not least, data is an essential part of online businesses. The tried and tested tech such as google analytics, Mailchimp, WebEngage, and others can be proven helpful to data gathering of the SMEs. For integration, web analytics with ad mediums, email automation, and CRM customer relationship management systems can help the business to grow better.

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Some Of The Major Tech Innovations Which Took Place In 2010




This is 2020, and we are all set to enter 2021. This is a world of highly sophisticated and advanced technology, which has influenced every single aspect of our lives. Many of these technological progress took place in the year 2010. As a matter of fact, some of the most striking and impactful innovations happened in this year.

In the following section of this article, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the major technological innovations which brought about a massive change in our lives.

  • HD or High Definition:

Do you remember those days prior to the advent of HD technology? This technology took over the market at a rapid pace, and within a very short span of time, anything, which didn’t had HD touch, appeared to be back dated and old fashioned. Today, in the year 2020, almost 90 percent of television viewers in the USA, use HD sets and one fourth of them owns a 4K television. Latest innovations like Ultra HD and 8K are evolving rapidly, as new standards.

  • Second Screens:

Can you imagine a world without smart phones and tablets? All these devices constitute the second screen technology. Over the years, it has become so much popular, that today, we cannot imagine of surviving without using them. You would be astonished to learn, that there are more than 33 billion second screen devices, which are used throughout the world. Samsung and iPhone have always been the main players in this domain; with a major contribution from Apple. Apps are being used by millions of businesses from all over the world to offer better customer experience, in terms of communication, products, services and various other aspects. Since 2010, the use of apps has skyrocketed, and today, businesses, irrespective of their size or magnitude, are using apps to offer services of the optimum level to their customers.

  • Content:

Content has always been one of the major aspects as far as marketing and business promotion is concerned. However, little did we know that content would include stuffs like podcasts, texting, streaming, video and a combination of all of these. In today’s world, any type of content; irrespective of where it us created; whether in a living room or a studio, has a tremendous impact on various platforms, ranging from TikTok to OTT. People from all over the world are using smart devices to avail streaming services. This essentially means, that they are cutting cords with the cable service providers. This is where brands like Netflix and Amazon come into the picture. They have already captured a huge section; which was looking for an alternative to the traditional, wired Cable TV services.

  • Social Media:

There is no need to mention what role social media has played in the process of business promotion and growth. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have provided the perfect ground for the companies, who were looking for cost effective means to reach out to their prospective customers, located all over the globe. Apart from having a profound impact on the growth and development of business, social media has played a remarkable role in our day-today life. It has helped us to connect to every single corner of the globe; and converted it into a global village.

  • eSports:

Whether it is fantasy football or an inter-college sporting event; eSports have grown at a tremendous speed! Taking into consideration the fact that sports gambling is gradually being legalized in many countries; the concept of e-Sports has developed at a mind boggling rate. You will shocked to know that the total viewership of e-Sports has already exceeded a jaw dropping figure if 500 million; and its total economy has gone way past $ 1 billion.

  • Media Rights:

Media rights, which attained a new height in the year 2010 has added a new dimension to the concept of viewership as far as the television sector is concerned. When it comes to media rights, it is primarily more prevalent in live sports streaming. It has offered more transparency and flexibility, and at the same time, has ensured that monopoly or domination of a particular channel or media could be controlled to a great extent.

  • Paywalls:

This has been one of the major innovations during 2010. Paywalls have played an instrumental role when it comes to replacing physical content with a digital one. This is particularly true in case of news papers and different revenue models.

  • Connectivity:

In 2020, we are living in an age, where the concept of connectivity has reached its heights. With wifi, IOT, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, Cloud services; we have the most advanced and sophisticated mechanisms available to us, as far as connectivity is concerned.

  • Data Analytics:

Data is the driving force of all businesses. With the emergence of different types of data analytical tools and applications; it has become very easy to track every minute details, which in turn helps tremendously, when it comes to enhancing the functioning of a business.

These are some of the major tech innovations, which happened in 2010, and they have brought a revelation and played an instrumental role in shaping the digital world. New and advanced technologies are being worked upon, and don’t be surprised, if your mobile phone service provider offers you 10G connectivity within next couple of years! Technological advancement is happening at lightning speed!

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Computer and Technology

Tips On How To Manage And Prioritise Chats On Whatsapp




WhatsApp users meanwhile struggle with the media storage even with multiple group users who are a part but non-existent. WhatsApp users can now manage the storage and prioritize their chat on WhatsApp by the following tips and tricks.

Archived Chats

WhatsApp users are part of many groups that may be existent or non-existent, or they are just not active in the group. If you want to be a part of such a group then you can archive the chats to keep WhatsApp clean. This feature allows you to hide the chat groups without leaving them.

iPhone: Select the group or the chat and then tap to the Archived Chat.

Android: Select the group and then select the archive icon on the top bar and it will simply archive the chat.

Pin Chats

If WhatsApp users get more active and their conversation goes along with a particular type of a group or a person then they can pin the chat up with the pin chat feature.

iPhone: Swipe a conversation from left to right, select the option to pin the conversation.

Android: Long press on the conversation and then use a pin icon from the top bar.

Mute Chats

WhatsApp has come up with a feature called mute chats. This feature allows you to move the chart of a particular group or a person for weeks, months, or a year.

Go to the group or conversation you want to mute and then select the mute feature from the options. You will get the options either of 8 hours or one week or one year or it can be always. WhatsApp users should update their app to see this mute feature.

How to keep a check on data and storage usage, users can follow the given tips:

Go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage

Choose from WIFI, CELLULAR, OR Never depending on your preference.

Users also have the option to prevent camera roll and the rest of course for privacy. So, if you feel your data is being used up then you have such options to make it secure. These settings are easier than you think. WhatsApp has made many things easy and you could find here. Well, this is how you can keep check on your data.

iOS: Settings> App> Toggle off to Camera

Android: Settings> Chat Settings> Media Auto-Download.

These are some of the simple ways.

This would be the easiest way to prioritize your chats on WhatsApp. It has given you many features and you can use it simply. You can keep a check on your data with the easy settings on WhatsApp. Therefore, now everything would be easy for you and you would be able to prioritize your data with the above provided options. Isn’t it easy? We know it is, so when are you going to prioritize your chats? We sometimes rely on technology but never find a way to use it for our priority. If you want to learn more such things then make sure to stay tuned with us for more articles!

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