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The Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2021



Building and running your own website is easier now than it has ever been. With the release of HTML 5, many easy-to-use websites have started popping up focused on helping you build and maintain your website, and even help you register your domain and host your website’s server!

This is great for individuals or small businesses who need some professional-looking presence on the internet, but for anyone more serious about their website or for larger businesses who have much more rigid needs and expect much higher traffic, these solutions aren’t going to do the job.


In these cases, you’ll need to find a way to host the website yourself. Just a few years ago this meant either buying or renting a dedicated server and running everything yourself, which could be expensive and difficult. Luckily, VPS’ came around and now you can rent a share in a vps server where all the most difficult parts of website hosting are taken care of for you at now very affordable prices.

The Virtual Private Future

VPS’, unlike shared servers (a slightly older solution to the website hosting problem) provide you with a share of a server that has all the functionality of an actual server, allocating you exclusive usage of some of the server’s RAM, CPU, and storage.

This means that VPS function almost exactly the same as any remote server, but allows you to purchase far smaller amounts without losing out on functionality. Being aimed at the wider market, VPS usually includes some useful tools for building websites and helps with buying a domain making them a great way to host your site at any level of expertise.


Liquid Web

Starting on the more expensive side, my first recommendation for a VPS would be Liquid Web. They are definitely not the most affordable option, but you pay a premium for a great service. Deciding to focus their business on providing value for money instead of just a low price, they easily give you the most bang for your buck in the market.

Liquid Choices

They provide a huge amount of customization for your server, including many Operating System choices and a host of web building tools where most VPS have a very limited set of options. They provide very powerful servers with extremely high bandwidth, allowing you to host a huge amount of data and traffic through your website.

Liquid Value

Their main draw is that they provide a fully managed service, meaning they will actively detect and fix any service malfunctions or website crashes. This will often cost somewhere around $30 a month extra on top of your normal fee from other providers, meaning that this service can often end up cheaper than budget options.



Acting as almost a holistic host service, Hostgator offer a wide variety of different option, including domain hosting and a cloud service. Their VPS offering is also extremely impressive, and often considered best-in-class for unmanaged servers, providing up to 240GB storage and uncapped bandwidth to ensure that even decently demanding servers can run flawlessly on their service.

They provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee making it up there with the greats when it comes to reliability and provides plenty of early benefits such as a month of free transfers for new accounts and a 45-day money-back guarantee. They also provide heavy discounts for any customers who decide to opt for their 3-year plans, meaning that you can upgrade with some extras and get a brilliant service for a fair price.



Perhaps one of the most customizable services by way of their pricing model, Bluehost has some of the cheapest bare-bones plans on the market, with many options to add only the extras you need for your particular website. This service also comes with free domain and web building tools, providing extreme value for money at the lower end of the market.

Their hardware also makes the cut, providing SSD storage for faster service and powerful shares of CPU and RAM. They have a somewhat limited bandwidth limit without paying for extra and the actual amount of storage you get is very low, but if you’re aiming for a budget VPS it is very likely you are running a smaller site that won’t take advantage of higher limits anyway.



Hostwinds has decided to try and appeal to the largest market possible, providing a huge amount of customization with both its pricing and its service. They provide many managed and unmanaged plans at a huge range of prices for exactly how powerful and what type of server you would like. Their basic plan is extremely weak, but their other plans are quite impressive for the price.

The main draw to Hostwinds is definitely the option to pay a small premium to have your server run one of the Windows Server operating systems. This is quite unique for a VPS, especially one at a mid-low price point. This saves a lot of hassle for those who are used to running windows servers and now want to run their own site, which is a market that houses a surprising amount of punters.

It is easier than ever now to run your own website and it is getting easier by the year. VPS has broken one of the greatest boundaries stopping small businesses from achieving their full potential online. Any of these services will end up cheaper than hiring a web technician or buying your own server, and they offer more than enough extras to help anyone start a website.

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Creators Are Getting Mad As Youtube Is Demonetizing Videos About Coronavirus




Nowadays, as you all know about the pandemic condition of the world due to COVID-19, that made people suffer a lot in various fields and also leads to major risks. It is a must for all the people to know about this coronavirus to easily deal with this situation and lead to face safe environment. The people who remain active on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and various others tend to grab benefits by keeping this virus as the main motive.

Usually, people don’t have any work to do related to this virus, but when it comes to this virus and earning money, then they start making various videos on coronavirus and uploading it on YouTube. You might be knowing that youtube is all related to money and entertainment, and it allows you to get an opportunity to earn money if you exceed the limit made by the YouTube team. In the greediness of earning more money, some people tend to upload fake news and prefer to earn money.

YouTube has declared the demonetizing of various videos relate to coronavirus that has fake or lousy news. Due to this news, many video creators are getting mad and trying to find a solution to this problem. If you will pay attention to the following details then it will help you to know about the exact solution to your query.

Why Are YouTube Creators Getting Mad?

YouTube demonetization rules are complicated and confusing, and when coronavirus enters this world, no one is much aware of it due to which they didn’t pay attention to it, but when it becomes the headlines of all the channels, then all the people started paying attention to it. Due to this COVID situation, many people have loosened their jobs and got unemployed, due to which they tend to face huge problems. Most people started making various videos on this aspect and made people to get attracted to their videos. YouTube is the only app that allows people to earn money by starting their channels and becoming one of the most famous people worldwide.

When YouTube gets to know that most people are trying to make various videos on coronavirus and trying to earn money, it demonetized the videos on this concept. It made so many people angry and crazy as it led them to fight for their rights, but YouTube said no efforts and ideas were made to make money. YouTube helps its users earn money only when they upload videos in which their efforts are shown and help them grab their rights. But the people who will upload videos on coronavirus and have any same content as others then it will be demonetized.

Earlier also youtube has demonetized sensitive subjects such as nay video regarding the company’s guidelines or anything else. It will also lead you to face problems if you upload any sensitive material and won’t be paid for that and get punishment. Not all people have the proper right to get the best result as not every person has an innovative and creative mind that will help them get the right and the safest path to earn money. Once you get to know about this aspect, you should be safe from getting involved in it to get into any troublesome situation.

The videos related to coronavirus have the right to be on the YouTube platform, but they can’t make money and won’t allow its creators to earn money. This coronavirus concept is all related to the sensitive material and leads to various problems if uploaded with some major sensitive concepts within it. If you want to have a safe future for your YouTube channel and various other aspects of this app, you must pay attention to them. Try to be active while dealing with all the concepts that you handle on this app so that you can stay here for the long term with your unique and latest videos.

YouTube said coronavirus outbreak is considered one of the most sensitive topics of recent times and makes people clear that this topic will not receive any payment after uploading on the YouTube channel. Once you get connected to this concept, you must follow the rules to get into any problem and have a happy and risk-free running channel on this app. If you get involved in any risk or problem, you will directly lead to suffering. Try to be active while making and uploading any video so that you can have a proper advantage from that and also able to earn huge profits.

If you keep uploading videos on sensitive topics, it will lead you to suffer huge risks and losses. Coronavirus met the new criteria of recent times and made the people suffer a lot from it, and many countries are dealing with it so badly. You should pay attention to this concept properly to have a safe future with YouTube and the channel you have on it. Many coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide and made people suffer from various bad diseases and have a bad end.

Some people are getting recovered from it, whereas others are getting involved in it as time passes. This news is spreading worldwide due to which YouTube has demonetized the videos on this topic. If people prefer to make videos on this topic, they will not get any money and stay ideal without any earnings. Be active and attentive to all the rules and regulations of this YouTube to greatly impact your life ahead with safe earnings.

Final Verdict

Once you understand all the above concepts, it will help you greatly impact your life and allow you to be safe with your YouTube channel. It will also allow you to earn well with no risk and also allows you to be active with all the latest concepts and other aspects. Try to pay proper attention to all the above info to have a great and better understanding with no query.

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Youtube Feel Sorry For Mocking Long Videos




Why is Youtube feeling sorry? If you want to know about it, then you can stay connected and pay attention to the following details as it will help you to know about this news well. You might be aware of various social media apps to stay active and share your various videos, photos, and other memories. One of the best social media apps for making a bright future with so many fans is YouTube, as it helps you to share your memories with others and also helps you to earn money on youtube when you reach the actual limit from where earning starts.

All the people must know about YouTube well so that you can have safe and secure access to various videos and photos uploading. Once you get to know about this app’s various aspects, you will also get to know about the news that why YouTube is feeling sorry for mocking long videos. Not all the people upload videos on this app, but those who do so might face trouble uploading long videos. The people’s earnings depend upon the size of the video that allows people to have various profitable aspects and sometimes leads them to experience bad aspects too. So, try to make good sized video with good motive.

Try to stay connected with the below details as it will help you to learn about the various aspects of Youtube. The below details will also help you to have a proper understanding of the YouTube rules and regulations and also about the channels that you can make on this app easily with no major queries.

Some Light on Why YouTube Apologised

  • YouTube is one of the most reputed social media apps that includes its own rules and allows you to have a great experience with various aspects. Every individual might be aware of this app in this entire world as it has enormous popularity, name, and fame. As a part of this app, you might have heard about the news related to Youtube apologies towards the people who mock long videos. It is essential to know about the reasons behind it as it will help you know how much long video you should upload.
  • As per the YouTube rules, you will find that you must upload the video for up to 8 minutes, or it can go till 10 minutes, not more than that. It means that the creators’ content can easily make more money if their videos are much longer than the actual time. YouTubers can also start monetizing their videos only once they have reached 400 hours of their watch time. The entire YouTube journey depends upon its rules, and the earning aspect is based on the timings in various forms.
  • The timings included in YouTube mainly make people feel like a daughter whose father asks her to study for some time. Once you get to know about this app’s various aspects, it will lead you to face some major beneficial elements too. Try to be focused on all the various aspects of the app so that you won’t face any trouble while dealing with it or while uploading various other aspects. The timings included in this app are very curious and allows people to earn on that basis.

  • YouTube has apologized for mocking the long videos and delete its tweet from its official Twitter account, which mocked the content of various creators. The videos that are too long seem to earn more and make them shorten; YouTube made a new rule as they have their own rules and can change them anytime. You must know about this fact as it will help you understand the importance of timings and the size of the video so that you won’t have any difficulty dealing with various aspects.
  • YouTubers must learn about this factor to have a safe video uploading with proper safety and allow them to grab more and more benefits. Most people don’t know much about the YouTube rules and regulations due to which they tend to suffer huge risks when they opt for uploading their videos. Once you successfully deal with all the various aspects of YouTube, it will greatly impact your YouTube channel. You can easily make your channels if you are all clear about various aspects of YouTube and various other elements.

Final Verdict

When you consider the above details, it will help you learn about the various YouTube elements with proper understanding. Once you get to know about the entire news about YouTube’s apology for mocking long videos, it will allow you to be safe while uploading any of your videos. If you do not understand the entire concept well, it will lead you to suffer huge losses with major risks, so be careful and attentive.

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4 Fascinating Features Youtube Is Rolling out To Android And iPhone Users




As we know that youtube is the best video streaming website by the Google which is available for both iPhone and Android phones. Loads of video streamer uses this platform because it is number one and contains the high quality content to watch. You can either watch it online or save it offline that is up to you. If you like the video then there is a button of like that you can use in order to like it.

Currently youtube is planning to roll out the brand new 4 features for both android and iphone devices so if you are one of them then this article is for you. All you need to do is stay till the end and make sure to not to rush. Before discussing the features you should need to know about some of the basics like the application is really convenient to use as in there you will get all the features cleared out.

If you are new then in the beginning you need to log in with your google account so make sure to keep this thing in mind. If you do not use your google account then you won’t come to save any video or view your history.

4 features you should be aware of

There are actually loads of them but we will be going to talk about the new features which are going to be discussed. So if you are interested then make sure to pay attention on all of them and do not skip any part of it. Here are some of those for you-

  • Video chapter

The number one great feature is the chapter that is first introduced by the desktop. In this you will come to know about the specific topics or the chapters inside the video so that you can easily jump right into it. This feature is highly useful, SEO wise, because it will help creators to see their videos getting ranked higher on both YouTube & Google search engines. Creators who would utilize this feature properly, will see an audience retention increase which in return might improve their YouTube monetization as well. If you want your hands on this feature then you must make sure to update your application and then use it.

  • 2 icon page

Youtube is working on the new position of 2 icon page which they think that is convenient. Also you will get an autoplay button in the video which you can turn on or off manually. The caption button has been revised too and it is now been placed at the most prominent location as compared to the earlier version.

  • Gesture support

Now you will see some of the fascinating gestures like now you can enter in the full screen mode by swiping up the screen. On the other hand you can exit the video right away by swiping down. So it is much easier as it sounds and you can easily use it without any issue at all.

  • Suggested actions

Now you will get an option to play videos on AR but for that you need to have a special device that can allow you to view AR content with much real vision.

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