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Poor Management Campaign And Status Of Trump In 2020 Elections



The tensions and excitement of the 2020 US elections are increasing. Trump made an enormous victory in 2016. His prime focus areas were to combat terrorism and transforming America into a great nation. Many voters doubted Trump for fulfilling the promises made. The path to re-election seems complicated and unpredictable for him. Many people have more faith in Biden and his leadership.

He was lucky enough to win the election four years ago. But considering the pandemic situation and other factors, he seems less fortunate this time. The promises and statements of the president regarding terrorism and security seem less confidential. Many people fear that the terror and other threat lies within the country.

Scene Of 2016 elections

During the 2016 elections, the topic of terrorism offered great headship and benefits to Mr. Trump. The terrorist attacks in several areas increased his vote count. The public was anxious about the terror. The promissory speeches of Trump attracted the voters. The vengeance provided him advantages over Hillary Clinton.

The general segment often gets influenced by country welfare and hawkish statements. The statistics of the exit poll shows that people who feared terrorism supported Donald trump. This year, he objected to china and auditioned the Chinese government like the United Nations’ enemy. The dynamics of Mr. Trump seems to be unbalanced and less influencing.

The public of the United States is wise and blames the American government for the pandemic rise and racist violence. The surveys regarding the campaign stated that the public did not consider security issues. The major concern is the coronavirus. Millions of people have died from the virus spread. The promises of national security by Trump are considered less idealistic. Many old-aged segments that were influenced by Mr. Trump in 2016 do not favor him.

Understanding the Less Faith of Public in Trump

The chances of defeat are very high for the present US president. The people have already made their mind. Gaining a powerful boost in 2016 against Clinton was a surprising moment for him. But this year, the dynamics seem to be in favor of Biden. Many think he should have a better campaign for re-election. The factors which prove that Trump is not strong enough for re-electing as president are:

Poor handling Of Corona outbreak

The controlling and managing of the covid-19 situation was very weak by the present American government. The president himself got contacted with the coronavirus. He offers no safety to the nation. The Opposition and voters stated that Mr. Donald poorly did the handling of this crisis.

Fall in jobs and employment record

During the 2016 elections, he boasted about himself as being the greatest president offering jobs and employment. But the loss of job percentage during his tenure is comparably high. There was job variation among white people and black people. The job recovery also slowed down during September. Trump is failing to fulfill the campaign pledge made in 2016.

Discrimination among black Americans

The statistics show that more black Americans have lost their job in comparison to white people. The pledge made by the current president fails to offer economic gain. Many Black Americans have shown their unfavorable reviews for Trump. The death of Floyd’s case also raised the black population in America. Trump is likely to get a low vote count due to his poor handling of racism and employment.

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Presidential Elections- How These Elections Are Going To Affect The Canada-Us Borders?




You know about America, the presidential elections are on the verge, and both the candidate’s Joe Biden and President Donald trump are pitching the voters to vote for them. In both the candidates, the coronavirus pandemic is the main topic, and how they can handle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus is not the only topic that these candidates are working on; the Canada – Us border is also crucial. You know that the Canada- Us borders are closed from March for the non- essential travel, and they are supposed to close till November 21. Some people are curious to know how the presidential election is going to affect the Canada-US border. There are so many promises that have been said to the voters, but it’s not easy to convince the people in the coronavirus pandemic. Read the article about the topic more.

The US presidential elections this year

The US presidential elections are done after every four years of the term, and for this time, the election campaign is scheduled for November 3, 2020. The Presidential elections have been done 58th times before this election, and this year, it will be the 59th presidential election. In the election, the voters will vote for the delegates of political parties who later select the nominee in the nominating convention. On December 14, 2020, the voters will cast their votes for those candidates who will later vote for the presidential elections. There are only two major political parties whose candidates are more chosen if you know the United States of America. The two major parties are the Republican Party and the democrat party with the following candidates as current president Donald Trump and the former vice president Joe Biden.

How are US-Canada borders affected by the presidential election?

By the various magazines, it has been said that the presidential election is going to affect the US-Canada border. As we already told you, the border is closed from the march month; both the candidate has an eye on it. The candidates want to gain some votes from manipulating the topic or pitch on changing the border rules. According to their public agencies, the Canadian government is having a close eye on the presidential election because the borders are using for inflation. You will be shocked to know that around 4.5 billion people have crossed the borders after it was closed, and this number shows that there is a crack in the border area due to which this inflation is going on.

It might be why the candidates focus more on the Canada-US border, and one more thing the inflation is also going to affect the number of coronavirus cases because these inflators are illegal. They do not quarantine themselves as well as not following the rules of the government on coronavirus pandemic.

Try to think twice before casting your vote as your vote can decide the United States of America’s future. Moreover, the borders it shares with Canada!

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