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How Embedded Analytics Can Help In Achieving Business Goals



Today’s world, which is dominated by some of the most advanced technologies like IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain and Cloud; nearly all the major aspects of our lives are influenced by them. Data plays a very important role in this entire mechanism. Basically, data plays the role of fuel as far as modern technology is concerned. Data has such an important role to play, that all kinds of interactions, movements, device are used for the purpose of generating data. The amount of data generated is increasing at an unbelievable rate. In order to ensure that the data and information which are derived, using all the advanced tools and mechanism, is being used optimally; good and reliable analytical tools are required. They can help achieve many different business objectives; like observing and forecasting market trends, identifying different areas of a business which needs to be worked on, making proper decision, which are backed by data and figures.

Embedded Analytics – What is it?

Embedded Analytics in a process or mechanism, where in a digital workplace, the process of data analysis takes place within the natural workflow of a user. There is no need for clasping to any other tool or application, in order to achieve this objective. Besides, embedded analytics is also used to facilitate different types of business operation. Some of them are

  • Conversion of Sales Leads
  • Optimization of marketing campaigns
  • Planning of inventory
  • Financial budgeting

Technologies like machine learning, AI makes the process of embedded analytics even more powerful and helps it to achieve various objectives; like finding the right pattern, themes and connections within the data of a business; with improved speed and accuracy.

When it comes to the features of embedded analytics, they are not limited to the software developers. The benefits of embedded analytics include developing the power and strength of different processes of a business, and also to empower different teams, who are working towards attaining different types of business goals.

What makes it More Advanced than Business Intelligence?

Embedded Analytics is considered to be more advanced and an upgraded process, as opposed to Business Intelligence. Here is a brief  comparison between the two.

  • Business Intelligence:

When it comes to Business Intelligence, it is meant for those, who have a certain degree of technical expertise and skills on SQL. Those who possess technical knowledge, can participate in various operations like querying, modeling, creating visualizations and others.

  • Embedded Analytics:

As far as Embedded Analytics is concerned, users from different groups like vendors, partners, different business teams can actively participate in the process. It even allow the customers to participate actively in it. What makes it even more special is the fact that it helps to facilitate the process of integration of the Business Intelligence capabilities into the system of the users and their applications.

What are the Benefits of  Embedded Analytics?

There are multiple different ways in which Embedded Analytics can improve the operations of your business. Here is a brief insight, as to how it has proven to be so effective.

  • Decision Making:

It helps in the process of decision making, which is driven by data and also backed by it. The fact that it presents relevant data, on time, makes it a very useful application, to take the right decision at the right point of time.

  • Increase in ROI:

Millions are being invested by companies from all over the globe to get maximum output from data. Embedded Analytics has proven to be very efficient in increasing the ROI, as far as investment on data transformation is concerned.

  • Improved Productivity:

The fact that it allows to make data driven decisions, helps to improve productivity to a great extent. It has played a very important role in improving the overall efficiency level of an organization.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

The fact that Embedded Analytics helps in facilitating the entire business operation, in a smooth and efficient manner, the end goal of the business can be achieved quite easily. Which is enhanced customer satisfaction.

These are some of the reasons, that have made Embedded Analytics one of the most important and indispensible mechanisms, as far as modern day business is concerned.

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