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Here Is How Pandemic 2020 Changed Our Lives And Our Halloween Celebration




We all know that 2020 was a year full of shocks for everyone. Ordinary life got put on hold, and we knew it people began hoarding on essential supplies and necessities. We are nearly two months away from 2021, and Halloween season was just around and is now gone. Festivals came and went, and people barely realized what date and month were going on; no wonder the 2020 Halloween was such a nightmare, all puns intended.

Well, before we start talking about how the novel Coronavirus changed our life and Halloween game, let us talk about the festival itself for those of our friends who live on the other side of the globe.

So, what is the Halloween festival?

Every time we search for the word Halloween, we get rewarded by some spooky images of carved out and glowing pumpkins or some spooky decorations. So, most people think that it” is a festival to celebrate the evil side of the world but very rarely does someone know the true story of celebrating Halloween.

Several countries in the world celebrate the spooky festival of Halloween. The festival gets marked on the last day of October, which is the 31st of October.

As the story goes, folktales recite that on this day, we are the most vulnerable and close to the dark side of the world, which involves all paranormal spirits, ghosts, inhuman creatures of all sorts.

Now, let us talk about how 2020 changed our Halloween game.

How were 2020 Halloween celebrations different from the normal?

Well, for one, every year, we are not living in fear of risking our and our loved ones’ lives. But, there are other ways too, such as:

  • Gathering

” We all know that this time when the Covid cases are on the rise, and it is essential that we avoid too many visitors and keep the celebrations within our close family and friends. It was not the best of our celebrations, but we got to work with what we have, so there were fewer visitors, and most were too scared to get out of their houses.

  • Strangers

Halloween is a time when most of us would make contacts and network far and wide by entertaining friendly strangers, but this year, nobody would even dare think about it. People had their doors shut to strangers to prevent any health risks.

  • Trick or Treat

We all love it when little kids knock on our doors, dressed up as characters, and ask for treats. Well, you know what happens when you say no; you get tricked. While this year was not as fun, it was still much better than risking lives.

  • Costumes

This may have caused trouble to some, but most took this up as a challenge and got creative with their masks.” They painted and structured their covers to coordinate with their outfits.

Yes, this is a rough time for all of us, but we are all looking forward to better times and hanging on to those fun memories that did not involve masks and sanitizers.

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Is It True About Russia’s Second Covid-19 Vaccine?





Covid-19 has affect the whole world and still it is affecting but on the other hand Russia has changed the game as it has completely successes in its first Covid-19 vaccine and now it has started working on it’s second vaccine which sounds really promising. It has announced the approval of Vector’s covid vaccine and now on the basis of that it will be going to make the second vaccine in no time at all.

They are working on it because they wanted to improve the situation as much as possible which is really a good thing. Also they have submitted application to WHO which is world’s health organization for emergency. This will help them in getting the permission to start working on the next vaccine as they are so eager to make it so that they can help the world.

Production has been started but still there are loads of trials pending and Russia is planning to do is by the end of the year. They has also made one vaccine already but without completing the trials it has been developed because of the vector state virology and biotechnology center in Novosibirsk. So if you are interested then make sure to stay till the end to gain much more information on it.

Announcement made by Russia

Earlier this year Russia has also announced the approval of Vector’s covid vaccine as it is tested on the limited number of people before receiving provisional registrations. As they undergo phase 3 which will prove that this vaccine is absolutely safe and effective to use. It is obvious that vaccine that has undergone limited number of tests might not be safe for everyone.

More tests needs to be conducted in order to be on the safer side. Russia comes on the 4th number in the world in terms of covid-19 cases so it is essential for them to release the vaccine in the case of emergency. It is the reason why Russia has released its vaccine in this short span of time.

Boost the immune system

If you want to fight this deadly virus then all you need to focus on is the immune system because that is the only way in which your WBC can become much more stronger. You should work on improving your diet as well as the supplements. If you do not want to be in the state of emergency then it is highly essential to focus on your immune system otherwise it might get even worse for you.

It might not be easy part but in order to keep yourself protected you need to focus on your health lifestyle and make it even more. Keep your face protected with mask especially nose and mouth while talking to anyone around you because if not then the chances of getting infected might increase way more than you can imagine.

Why it is necessary to take care of yourself?

No one should rely upon the vaccine because we do not know when it will be going to be public and until then you should simply focus on your health more than anything else. You should consume proper vitamins, calcium, and many other healthy things so that you can stay fit and fine. If you do not want to face serious consequences then you should be sure about one thing that is you should not become careless in these days. Pandemic is going on and it would be much better if you simply focus on the safety of your health and always focus on maintaining social distance.

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Solving All Your Queries About The Home Covid-19 Tests-All You Should Know





If someone asks you to summarize the year 2020, it is pretty obvious the coronavirus pandemic would be the main topic in your summary. The virus has changed our life from A to Z. There were no longer parties, concerts, amusement parks, and all the amazing places that you could’ve gone to during the summers because it was unsafe because of the COVID 19 scenario. The worst part about this enemy is that it not visible. You could be sitting somewhere feeling completely fine among people and get the infection.

The most common coronavirus symptoms are fever, cold, and cough, which are so common for some people who generally have low immunity. These three symptoms are so common that it occurs to most people amid the seasonal change. There are other severe symptoms of the virus, such as difficulty in breathing, loss of taste and smell, body ache, sore throat, and more. Initially, even the doctors did not have much information about it. However, with time the experts studied and researched it. There was much learning about the virus. All the health professionals’ efforts answered many questions such as what causes coronavirus, how to avoid the infection, how long it takes to cure, and all the general FAQs.

Preventive measures for the COVID 19 virus

The ways to avoid the virus lied in the practice of wearing face masks, washing or sanitizing one’s hands frequently, practicing social distancing, and eating foods that enriched immunity. One way of avoiding the virus is by testing. If everyone gets tested, people will become aware that they are infected.

If detected positive, one can self isolate themselves and avoid infecting other people as well. As suggested by this idea, there was an increased emphasis on making testing kits. Now the coronavirus testing kits are available at many hospitals and health check-up centers. There are even rapid testing methods that allow quick testing and report facilities to the people. To make the testing a convenient process, pharmaceutical companies introduced the in-home COVID 19 test. With the help of these kits, now one can easily test themselves at home.

In-home COVID 19 testing kits

Every invention has some pros and cons that suggest why it should be used and further direction for improvement. One of the most common problems with online testing is its market price. Where the regular kits are available at a comparatively lower rate, in-home COVID 19 testing kits come up to be a little expensive. Hence, it may not be affordable for all. The second con of the kit is the late result process. If you’re trying to test yourself using the in-home Testing kit, you might have to wait slightly longer than expected. If you think you can get your report within minutes, it may not be the case. As mentioned in some of the reviews, the in-home Testing kit may take as long as 24 hours for generating results.

The in-home coronavirus testing kits become much anticipated after their official announcements. Many people still hope that the kits will be a good step towards eradicating the virus from society.

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Countries To Fly And Restrict In This Pandemic Times





Traveling is about more than sitting and waking up. Then you can fly faster, quicker, and faster. It was about being informed. Traveling is far more than just sitting and waking up. It was about being educated. An ongoing global economic crisis is the COVID-19 epidemic. Many nations have imposed population directional movement that slows the progression of extreme respiratory distress syndrome coronavirus two or avoids overwhelming healthcare systems; others have imposed absolute or selective lockdowns.

Below are the countries that have restricted tourism in this pandemic: 

These are also some of the nations that have tightened their laws due to a spike in the volume of outbreaks at home and overseas; as increases occur and after relaxing previous lockout steps, the amount of fresh outbreaks begins to increase once.

  • Belgium

After such a rise in the number of instances over the last three weeks, especially throughout the Antwerp region, crowds would be composed of 100 persons indoors where 200 people outside.

  • Spain

Following the regional lockout’s completion, Spain’s central government was also assigned to national authorities the reduction or strengthening of controls.

  • Deutschland

Catalonia, Aragon, or Navarre are being warned against tourists by the German government. However, Spain has yet to be reclassified as a significant risk by the federal government, meaning that those coming from Spain should not be quarantined.

In Pandemic times, there are so many other nations that have prohibited travel.

Overseas travel: who has been permitted?

The article describes air bubble recommendations and mentioned that people of the corresponding states and global citizens wishing to stay in transfer in these places might move internationally. Indian citizens can also travel, apart from them, and with certain restrictions. Indian citizens with a legal passport are kept for at least one month unless it’s for tourist activities permitted to travel to such six states. This implies that Indians will be permitted to travel far outside India for research, company, or jobs. Travelers in the UAE also have been permitted to fly.

Foreign Travel Criteria

Some regulations for international travelers arriving in India were issued by the government ministry of health & family social assistance beginning in April. Per it, all travelers are expected to send a personality-declaration form to both the Delhi Airport official site, and this must be taken at least 72 hours before departure.

It is, therefore, appropriate to agree to the agreement that tourists would’ve been obliged to undertake 14-day isolation, from which seven days would’ve been spent at the hospital, the expense of which would have been paid by the travelers themselves, accompanied by seven days of domestic confinement to control their health.

Different cultures have different requirements for separation and checking for travelers traveling overseas from India. A report indicated that France demands that even an on-the-spot COVID-19 check be carried out on individuals arriving across 16 countries, including India and Brazil. The United Kingdom has several nations, and individuals from these countries would not have to experience consciousness-isolation upon entry. However, this list doesn’t include India, which allows all individuals from the United Kingdom to experience personality-isolation for 14 days.

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