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Does Apple iPhone 12 Have A Secret Wireless Charging Feature?



Top-notch 4 new iPhone has been released in the 12 series which is the mini version, standard version, and two pro versions. So if you are a true fan of apple products then you can buy anyone of those without any issue at all. They come with greater technology which is Ceremic shield which will be going to protect your phone from breakage.

It is considered as one of the strongest glass in the smart-phone history with 4 times durability as compared to any high end smart-phone out there. There is one hidden feature that has come out and it was first spotted by the Venturebeat’s Jeremy Horwitz who has stated that the iPhone 12 model also included reverse wireless charging feature. Now this will be going to help in charging anything like airpods, iphone, or any other device with wireless charging technology.

On the other hand apple has not announced such kind of functionality that could be used to charge any kind of airpods in the future which does not sounds good. As we know that there are different types of wireless chargers available out there those which can be used to charge the future accessories. You can use your latest iphone in order to do that but there is one limitation that it will charge the accessories in much lower speed.

Latest a14 bionic chip

Latest iPhone 12 series comes with latest a14 bionic chip which is the latest and the fastest by the apple. It is the only reason by which reverse wireless charging can be possible. Till now apple has not officially announced so we cannot be sure about it. If it is there then there is nothing to worry about because a14 chip will be going to help in letting it work much better as compared to the other phones out there.

In order to use it you just need to turn it on inside the phone and flip the phone. Now all you need to do is place the device with wireless charging technology on the back panel of your iPhone.

Is it useful?

Reverse wireless charging is one of the most useful features in today’s time because it will help in charging any of your accessories without any issue at all. There is no need to carry separate charger for separate device as you can use your iPhone in order to charge all the accessories you are having. So if you are interested then you should go for the latest iPhone and have fun.

It makes the life easy

For most of the people reverse wireless charging is a boon especially for those who lives a hectic life and does not have much time to carry charger or plug in your device. You can use the back wireless charging anywhere you want without any issue at all. You just need to switch it on under the settings tab and your work will be done.

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Tips To Use Apple’s Translation App




The updated mobile operating system of Apple

The iOs is a mobile operating system which is developed by Apple exclusively for their hardware and devices. The latest version iOs 14 was introduced by Apple on 16 September 2020. The iOs 14 is the fourteenth mobile operating system released by Apple since its existence. Apple works constantly to update and enhance its features. Apple has made a lot of changes in some of its features to offer a better experience to its customers. Apple has updated and enhanced some of its features like Widgets, App library, Compact UI, Search, Messages, Memoji, Maps, Siri, and many more. One of the new features introduced by Apple through iOs 14 is Apple’s Translate App which has been a talk of the town for a long time since its introduction in the market.

Apple’s Siri was able to offer a translation feature to the Apple users but the translation was not quite accurate and couldn’t beat the Google translate. Apple’s Translate app tries to overpower Google translate by offering different types of translation exclusively for Apple users. Apple’s inbuilt translation app allows access of the translation even when the internet connection of the device is offline which the Google translate fails to offer. There are different features inside of Apple’s translation app which translates text, translate speech, and conversation mode.

How to use Apple’s Translate App?

Firstly update your system into the latest iOs version introduced by the Apple. The translate app is an inbuilt application which can be accessed directly after the up-gradation of the current iOs to the latest iOs version. There are 3 main types of a translation prepared by Apple which is explained further.

  • Translate Text 

Open the app select the two languages which you want you to use on the top just like Google translate. Select the first language in which the text is in the first box and then select the language that you desire to translate your text into in the second box. Type your text and then select done. Select Go to confirm the text to be translated.

  • Translate Speech 

Open the translation app and select the two languages. The language of your speech and the language which you desire to translate your speech. Tap on the microphone button and start speaking, the speech will be automatically converted or translated to the language selected. Make sure that the words on your screen match your spoken words for accuracy of the translation. Tap on the play button to hear the translated version of the speech aloud. 

  • Conversation mode 

The conversation mode allows the users to translate the conversation or phrases or sentences when it takes place. This mode gives instant access to the translation for the smooth flow of conversation with people from different places. To enable this mode open the app select the two languages and rotate your phone to landscape view. Tap on the microphone button and start talking. The app automatically converts the sentence to the desired translation language and leads the conversation on your behalf with your selected words.

  • Favourite List 

The app allows the users to save some translated sentences or phrases for future uses which can be handy. The favourite option gives quick access to the translated phrases. To add to the favourites the users can select the star icon next to the translated text. The star icon adds the translated text to the dictionary. Tap on the favourite icon at the bottom navigation to view the saved texts.

How many languages does it support?

Apple’s Translation App supports 12 languages as of now. The app includes languages Arabic, Chinese, English (UK), English (US), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian. The company plans on adding more languages to the system as time passes and with more productivity.

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Apple And Its Role For Vestas Success




The management of Apple allowed themselves a couple of moments during the record setting Q4 earning call of the company to mention the deployment of Ios device at Vestas. In the following section, you will be offered an insight as to how solutions provided by Apple are being used by one of the leading manufacturers of wind turbine in the world.

Power Production – The Future of it

Vestas is a company, which is based in the city of Aarhus, in Denmark. They operate at such a large scale, that presently, they have more than 24,000 staff members employed at a global scale, who are responsible for generating power worth 117 GW, across more than 75 countries. Vestas has the credit of installing wind turbines in a varieties of different types of landscapes. Their scope of operation extends from the Gobi desert of Mongolia to the Lapland.

How Apple has Contributed towards the Success of Vestas?

As mentioned, Apple has played an instrumental role towards the successful operational mechanism of Vestas. The solutions provided by Apple has ensured that the company continued its operation uninterrupted, efficiently over a long period of time. Here are a few examples as to how Apple has been one of the driving forces behind the success of Vestas.

  • Cranes:

When it comes to any project which is related to turbine installation, cranes play a very important role. They are the ones which helps to set the system in place. Here Apple comes into the picture. They have helped Vestas save millions of dollars on an annual basis, by providing them with apps which have helped them curtail costs on cranes on a per day basis.

  • Warehouses and Factories:

According to Vestas, they have managed to enhance their efficiency levels at a broader scale, by using iPads and iPhones. They have been using these devices at their warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

  • Maintenance:

Vestas has service technicians in excess of 10,000. They are using iPhones, which are loaded with different types of apps. These apps have played a pivotal role when it comes to maintenance of machinery. According to Vestas, they could manage to save in excess of 4,00,000 work hours on an annual basis.

Apple Offers user Friendly Solutions

According to Vestas management, one of the reasons as to why they have decided to persist with Apple is because, it offers solutions which are extremely user friendly. From an end user’s perspective; one need not be an IT expert, in order use these apps to achieve their optimum benefits. These apps are used to achieve an array of different types of business and operational goals. Some of the include

  • Deriving real-time data for report generation
  • Facilitating the process of document making
  • Ensuring smooth and efficient task management

Apart from these, iOS has proven to be very effective when it comes to offering various other kinds of high end solutions. Apple has been one of the main driving forces, when it comes to offering top-notch technological solution to Vestas for achieving their different types of operational and business needs.

Features of the Apple Apps used by Vestas

  • The apps designed by Apple are extremely user friendly and are also quite easy to use.
  • They can be integrated with the applications and software which are running at the back end
  • When connectivity is not available, these apps can also perform in an off-line mode.
  • These apps offer optimum level of security and at the same time facilitates speedy operation of the company.

Apple has been one of the pillars of Vestas success, over the last couple of years. Given how important Apple has been, the Vestas management has decided to continue it collaboration with Apple in the days to come

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Apple’s Clips App – Finally Supports Vertical Video




Different devices are available in this entire world, and for each device, different apps are launched, which means that devices that have different features require different apps and other connectors. There are various varieties in mobile phones such as Androids, Apples, and others, and these devices have different connectors and features. To deal with various aspects of various devices, you must learn about the new and best video makers. Apple phones require the best quality video makes that will allow them to have great experiences as per the brand quality.

Earlier the Apple users used to face problems with making vertical videos as it only supports horizontal videos. But Apple’s Clip app helped people have a great experience with vertical videos on iPhones as it allows them to make the best video with a clear view. Many people are not aware of this app, due to which they still won’t get a chance to deal with the vertical videos and allow them to have a great impact on their image by making attractive videos.

Usually, people don’t pay much attention to various new apps, but they prefer to know about the various aspects when it comes to needs and wants. It would be great if you will consider the below details as it will help you learn about the various aspects of the app and allow you to be active and wild.

Vertical Video Support Info

  • When people opt for buying iPhones, they face problems with various video-making apps as some don’t run in iPhones, and others create problems with vertical videos.
  • For making iPhones users get rid of this problem, then a new app was created named Apple Clip App that supports vertical videos and also shows a great view.
  • Different mobile phones have different ratios due to which they can only support some apps and data. You can record the clips in 4:3, 16:9, and square, which helps you to make a great impact on your videos and also helps you to improve your image.
  • The three ratios mentioned above will help you learn about the video’s various views as it supports vertical the landscape on both iPhones and iPads to help you with the best videos.
  • It is the most famous and long-overdue feature for Apple’s clever that helps get its best creation.
  • Once you get to know about Apple’s Clip App, it will help you learn more about it as it will also help you be safe and active while dealing with various aspects.
  • Creating a video is not an easy task, but if you get a great app, it will allow you to make your task easy and supportive, so you must get the best video with no bad or lousy elements.
  • You can edit videos on this app such as TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram and allow you to provide the best shades to your video, so be focused and connected to this app.

  • If you succeed in dealing with various aspects of Apple’s Clip App, it can easily help you get attracted to it and allow you to be safe after getting the best result.
  • Apple has considered one of the best many new assets that help to have a great time with no risk and bad effects, so be connected to this app to experience the vertical video on iPhones.
  • Some little posters are available on this app that allows you to have the best videos, such as royalty-free songs, speeches, and more stickers to make your video more attractive.
  • Once you successfully understand Apple’s Clip App, then it will help you to cut and crop the videos and also allow you to have a good shaped video with attractive features.
  • With this app’s help, you can easily record your clips in vertical form and have the best experience with close and clear views.

After considering the above points, you will learn about Apple’s Clip app’s various aspects and help you get attracted to it. The best part that joined this app is that it allows you to get a vertical view of your videos on iPhones and iPads. Try to be active while considering the details to have the best result after using it.

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