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Creators Are Getting Mad As Youtube Is Demonetizing Videos About Coronavirus



Nowadays, as you all know about the pandemic condition of the world due to COVID-19, that made people suffer a lot in various fields and also leads to major risks. It is a must for all the people to know about this coronavirus to easily deal with this situation and lead to face safe environment. The people who remain active on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and various others tend to grab benefits by keeping this virus as the main motive.

Usually, people don’t have any work to do related to this virus, but when it comes to this virus and earning money, then they start making various videos on coronavirus and uploading it on YouTube. You might be knowing that youtube is all related to money and entertainment, and it allows you to get an opportunity to earn money if you exceed the limit made by the YouTube team. In the greediness of earning more money, some people tend to upload fake news and prefer to earn money.

YouTube has declared the demonetizing of various videos relate to coronavirus that has fake or lousy news. Due to this news, many video creators are getting mad and trying to find a solution to this problem. If you will pay attention to the following details then it will help you to know about the exact solution to your query.

Why Are YouTube Creators Getting Mad?

YouTube demonetization rules are complicated and confusing, and when coronavirus enters this world, no one is much aware of it due to which they didn’t pay attention to it, but when it becomes the headlines of all the channels, then all the people started paying attention to it. Due to this COVID situation, many people have loosened their jobs and got unemployed, due to which they tend to face huge problems. Most people started making various videos on this aspect and made people to get attracted to their videos. YouTube is the only app that allows people to earn money by starting their channels and becoming one of the most famous people worldwide.

When YouTube gets to know that most people are trying to make various videos on coronavirus and trying to earn money, it demonetized the videos on this concept. It made so many people angry and crazy as it led them to fight for their rights, but YouTube said no efforts and ideas were made to make money. YouTube helps its users earn money only when they upload videos in which their efforts are shown and help them grab their rights. But the people who will upload videos on coronavirus and have any same content as others then it will be demonetized.

Earlier also youtube has demonetized sensitive subjects such as nay video regarding the company’s guidelines or anything else. It will also lead you to face problems if you upload any sensitive material and won’t be paid for that and get punishment. Not all people have the proper right to get the best result as not every person has an innovative and creative mind that will help them get the right and the safest path to earn money. Once you get to know about this aspect, you should be safe from getting involved in it to get into any troublesome situation.

The videos related to coronavirus have the right to be on the YouTube platform, but they can’t make money and won’t allow its creators to earn money. This coronavirus concept is all related to the sensitive material and leads to various problems if uploaded with some major sensitive concepts within it. If you want to have a safe future for your YouTube channel and various other aspects of this app, you must pay attention to them. Try to be active while dealing with all the concepts that you handle on this app so that you can stay here for the long term with your unique and latest videos.

YouTube said coronavirus outbreak is considered one of the most sensitive topics of recent times and makes people clear that this topic will not receive any payment after uploading on the YouTube channel. Once you get connected to this concept, you must follow the rules to get into any problem and have a happy and risk-free running channel on this app. If you get involved in any risk or problem, you will directly lead to suffering. Try to be active while making and uploading any video so that you can have a proper advantage from that and also able to earn huge profits.

If you keep uploading videos on sensitive topics, it will lead you to suffer huge risks and losses. Coronavirus met the new criteria of recent times and made the people suffer a lot from it, and many countries are dealing with it so badly. You should pay attention to this concept properly to have a safe future with YouTube and the channel you have on it. Many coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide and made people suffer from various bad diseases and have a bad end.

Some people are getting recovered from it, whereas others are getting involved in it as time passes. This news is spreading worldwide due to which YouTube has demonetized the videos on this topic. If people prefer to make videos on this topic, they will not get any money and stay ideal without any earnings. Be active and attentive to all the rules and regulations of this YouTube to greatly impact your life ahead with safe earnings.

Final Verdict

Once you understand all the above concepts, it will help you greatly impact your life and allow you to be safe with your YouTube channel. It will also allow you to earn well with no risk and also allows you to be active with all the latest concepts and other aspects. Try to pay proper attention to all the above info to have a great and better understanding with no query.

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The Role Of Technology In Expanding SMEs In This Festive Season!




The festive season is one of the most important times for all the businesses regardless of the size and type of businesses. All the businesses wish to have the highest profits during the festive seasons by upgrading their businesses and attracting a wide range of customers. With the ongoing situation, only technology can help in improving the working in this festive season surely.

Many SMEs businesses are waiting eagerly for festive seasons to cover up all the costs. We are taking a look into guide how technology is assisting with the expansion of SMEs in the festive season.

Advanced technology for the growth of SMEs!

With the creative content, social media, and remarketing campaigns for tempting emails as well as persuasive landing pages and digital marketing teams are already difficult to work trying for best communicate deals. Potential customers can assist in gaining the attention of the new audience. Technologies can assist in improving the condition of the business in the festive seasons accordingly. By managing up the actions and strategies for business can help in the marketing funnel. Lastly, no need to be concerned about the cost as all of it is affordable for SMEs as well.

There are five critical areas of technologies that SMEs need to focus on that we have discussed in brief in detail mentioned below.

  • Acquisition:

digital marketing teams are required to invest in technologies for making simple for them and utilize data for the growth of the business and scale. You can consider improving the target audience can be done with affordable and easy to use marketing analytics applications.

  • Engagement:

in the covid-19, most sales for business sales are online driven from the covid-19. Technology assists in improving customer engagement to a great extent and attain potential benefits surely. With proper communication by the brands with customers, more sales are driven towards the brands. Especially considering the festive season, SMEs help in improving customer engagement through chat and push notifications.

  • Retention:

it is better to focus on the upcoming end of year sales is mainly customer retention. With the increasing use of technologies for predictive analytics for reducing churn as well as boosting revenue from the current customers. With the great potential of predictive analytics, businesses can manage to do great with revenues and increase ROI considerably.

  • Multichannel campaigns:

it has become really easy for online retailers to launch, optimize, and expand campaigns among different channels surely. With ai, marketers can attain maximum benefit surely, and SMEs will get insights into the workflows. It is an affordable option towards which everyone needs to be considerate of.

  • Data gathering:

last but not least, data is an essential part of online businesses. The tried and tested tech such as google analytics, Mailchimp, WebEngage, and others can be proven helpful to data gathering of the SMEs. For integration, web analytics with ad mediums, email automation, and CRM customer relationship management systems can help the business to grow better.

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Some Of The Major Tech Innovations Which Took Place In 2010




This is 2020, and we are all set to enter 2021. This is a world of highly sophisticated and advanced technology, which has influenced every single aspect of our lives. Many of these technological progress took place in the year 2010. As a matter of fact, some of the most striking and impactful innovations happened in this year.

In the following section of this article, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the major technological innovations which brought about a massive change in our lives.

  • HD or High Definition:

Do you remember those days prior to the advent of HD technology? This technology took over the market at a rapid pace, and within a very short span of time, anything, which didn’t had HD touch, appeared to be back dated and old fashioned. Today, in the year 2020, almost 90 percent of television viewers in the USA, use HD sets and one fourth of them owns a 4K television. Latest innovations like Ultra HD and 8K are evolving rapidly, as new standards.

  • Second Screens:

Can you imagine a world without smart phones and tablets? All these devices constitute the second screen technology. Over the years, it has become so much popular, that today, we cannot imagine of surviving without using them. You would be astonished to learn, that there are more than 33 billion second screen devices, which are used throughout the world. Samsung and iPhone have always been the main players in this domain; with a major contribution from Apple. Apps are being used by millions of businesses from all over the world to offer better customer experience, in terms of communication, products, services and various other aspects. Since 2010, the use of apps has skyrocketed, and today, businesses, irrespective of their size or magnitude, are using apps to offer services of the optimum level to their customers.

  • Content:

Content has always been one of the major aspects as far as marketing and business promotion is concerned. However, little did we know that content would include stuffs like podcasts, texting, streaming, video and a combination of all of these. In today’s world, any type of content; irrespective of where it us created; whether in a living room or a studio, has a tremendous impact on various platforms, ranging from TikTok to OTT. People from all over the world are using smart devices to avail streaming services. This essentially means, that they are cutting cords with the cable service providers. This is where brands like Netflix and Amazon come into the picture. They have already captured a huge section; which was looking for an alternative to the traditional, wired Cable TV services.

  • Social Media:

There is no need to mention what role social media has played in the process of business promotion and growth. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have provided the perfect ground for the companies, who were looking for cost effective means to reach out to their prospective customers, located all over the globe. Apart from having a profound impact on the growth and development of business, social media has played a remarkable role in our day-today life. It has helped us to connect to every single corner of the globe; and converted it into a global village.

  • eSports:

Whether it is fantasy football or an inter-college sporting event; eSports have grown at a tremendous speed! Taking into consideration the fact that sports gambling is gradually being legalized in many countries; the concept of e-Sports has developed at a mind boggling rate. You will shocked to know that the total viewership of e-Sports has already exceeded a jaw dropping figure if 500 million; and its total economy has gone way past $ 1 billion.

  • Media Rights:

Media rights, which attained a new height in the year 2010 has added a new dimension to the concept of viewership as far as the television sector is concerned. When it comes to media rights, it is primarily more prevalent in live sports streaming. It has offered more transparency and flexibility, and at the same time, has ensured that monopoly or domination of a particular channel or media could be controlled to a great extent.

  • Paywalls:

This has been one of the major innovations during 2010. Paywalls have played an instrumental role when it comes to replacing physical content with a digital one. This is particularly true in case of news papers and different revenue models.

  • Connectivity:

In 2020, we are living in an age, where the concept of connectivity has reached its heights. With wifi, IOT, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, Cloud services; we have the most advanced and sophisticated mechanisms available to us, as far as connectivity is concerned.

  • Data Analytics:

Data is the driving force of all businesses. With the emergence of different types of data analytical tools and applications; it has become very easy to track every minute details, which in turn helps tremendously, when it comes to enhancing the functioning of a business.

These are some of the major tech innovations, which happened in 2010, and they have brought a revelation and played an instrumental role in shaping the digital world. New and advanced technologies are being worked upon, and don’t be surprised, if your mobile phone service provider offers you 10G connectivity within next couple of years! Technological advancement is happening at lightning speed!

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Apple And Its Role For Vestas Success




The management of Apple allowed themselves a couple of moments during the record setting Q4 earning call of the company to mention the deployment of Ios device at Vestas. In the following section, you will be offered an insight as to how solutions provided by Apple are being used by one of the leading manufacturers of wind turbine in the world.

Power Production – The Future of it

Vestas is a company, which is based in the city of Aarhus, in Denmark. They operate at such a large scale, that presently, they have more than 24,000 staff members employed at a global scale, who are responsible for generating power worth 117 GW, across more than 75 countries. Vestas has the credit of installing wind turbines in a varieties of different types of landscapes. Their scope of operation extends from the Gobi desert of Mongolia to the Lapland.

How Apple has Contributed towards the Success of Vestas?

As mentioned, Apple has played an instrumental role towards the successful operational mechanism of Vestas. The solutions provided by Apple has ensured that the company continued its operation uninterrupted, efficiently over a long period of time. Here are a few examples as to how Apple has been one of the driving forces behind the success of Vestas.

  • Cranes:

When it comes to any project which is related to turbine installation, cranes play a very important role. They are the ones which helps to set the system in place. Here Apple comes into the picture. They have helped Vestas save millions of dollars on an annual basis, by providing them with apps which have helped them curtail costs on cranes on a per day basis.

  • Warehouses and Factories:

According to Vestas, they have managed to enhance their efficiency levels at a broader scale, by using iPads and iPhones. They have been using these devices at their warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

  • Maintenance:

Vestas has service technicians in excess of 10,000. They are using iPhones, which are loaded with different types of apps. These apps have played a pivotal role when it comes to maintenance of machinery. According to Vestas, they could manage to save in excess of 4,00,000 work hours on an annual basis.

Apple Offers user Friendly Solutions

According to Vestas management, one of the reasons as to why they have decided to persist with Apple is because, it offers solutions which are extremely user friendly. From an end user’s perspective; one need not be an IT expert, in order use these apps to achieve their optimum benefits. These apps are used to achieve an array of different types of business and operational goals. Some of the include

  • Deriving real-time data for report generation
  • Facilitating the process of document making
  • Ensuring smooth and efficient task management

Apart from these, iOS has proven to be very effective when it comes to offering various other kinds of high end solutions. Apple has been one of the main driving forces, when it comes to offering top-notch technological solution to Vestas for achieving their different types of operational and business needs.

Features of the Apple Apps used by Vestas

  • The apps designed by Apple are extremely user friendly and are also quite easy to use.
  • They can be integrated with the applications and software which are running at the back end
  • When connectivity is not available, these apps can also perform in an off-line mode.
  • These apps offer optimum level of security and at the same time facilitates speedy operation of the company.

Apple has been one of the pillars of Vestas success, over the last couple of years. Given how important Apple has been, the Vestas management has decided to continue it collaboration with Apple in the days to come

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