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how do i file a complaint against an online business?



how do i file a complaint against an online business?

Here are ten effective ways to complain about a company online. 1. Visit the company website. 2. Email the company. The Better Business Bureau can provide you with more information. If you have any questions, you can contact the FTC. The Ripoff Report is a great place to start. Spam@uce is the email address. It is the government. You can find Yelp on the web. Planet Feedback is the place to post feedback. Your attorney general can be found on Google.

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How do I file a complaint against an online company?

To access the website for the company, go to... It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I work for the Federal Trade Commission.... I applaud you for doing this. You can reach our spam team at A yelp is heard.... I would like to give you some feedback on Planetfeedback... You can find your attorney general by searching Google.

Does filing a complaint with the BBB do anything?

Consumers can resolve disputes at no cost through the BBB complaint service. The BBB is impartially neutral in its role as an intermediate between a consumer and business so they can reach an agreement on a resolution.

How do I take legal action against an online company?

Whenever any consumer is not satisfied with the services or products supplied by a company, he is entitled to file a complaint with a consumer court or forum and request compensation. Our online legal services will help you at the lowest possible cost. We will assist you until your case is settled.

Where do I complain about online selling?

consumer enquiries involving "sellers" registered with the DTI or SEC, call 811-8231 (Metro Manila) or (02) 751-3330 (outside Metro Manila), or the Public Information and Assistance Hotline (584) 1119 (outside Metro Manila).

Where do I file a complaint against an online company?

The company's website can be found here... Make sure you contact the Better Business Bureau. If you have questions concerning the FTC, you should contact them. The Ripoff Report explains what you need to know.... You can reach us at You may want to check Yelp... Please let us know on Planet Feedback. Your attorney general can be found on Google.

How do I complain about an online product?

The National Consumers Hotline can be reached at 1800-11-4000 or 14404 (Monday to Friday except on national holidays) from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Send a text message to 8130009809 between 6:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Furthermore, NCH provides both a website or app through which complaints can be filed online.

How do I complain about an online company?

The company's website can be found here... Make sure you contact the Better Business Bureau. If you have questions concerning the FTC, you should contact them. The Ripoff Report explains what you need to know.... You can reach us at You may want to check Yelp... Please let us know on Planet Feedback. Your attorney general can be found on Google.

How do I take legal action against an online company?

If you are unhappy with the service, contact the company's customer service number. In some cases, the company may resolve the issue at this stage, while in others, the manufacturer or service provider will be contacted. Continuing with the steps below is advised if the issue has not been resolved at this point.

How can I complaint against an online company in India?

You have to register, then login and fill out your username and password. Then you must click 'File complaint' to start the complaint process. must now select the type of complaint, such as a product complaint, dispute with a service provider, or another. (... Upon opening the form, you will be able to register.

Can I file a complaint against Internet provider?

Where can I lodge a complaint against an broadband internet service provider? Complaints are raised at the Complaint Center by using the "Consumer Care Number" in the service area. It is available on all workdays between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM. You can call the "Consumer Care Number" for free.

Is it worth filing a complaint with the BBB?

A complaint to BBB should be used when there's a need to engage the other party in an effort to resolve a difficult issue. In some cases, a customer review may be a simpler and just as effective method of venting your frustration and telling others about your experience. BBB and many other online sites are able to allow customers to post reviews.

Does reporting to the BBB do anything?

Consumers can resolve disputes at no cost through the BBB complaint service. The BBB is impartially neutral in its role as an intermediate between a consumer and business so they can reach an agreement on a resolution. Complaints can be filed for free.

What good does it do to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau?

If you want to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), this is a good option. Thousands of consumers are helped by the BBB every year with disputes concerning sales, contracts, customer service, warranties, billings, and refunds. If the company that injured you is not a member of the Better Business Bureau, you can still file a complaint.

What kind of complaints does the BBB handle?

Customer complaints are handled primarily by BBB in relationship to marketplace transactions. Customers may request a refund or a replacement after a successful marketplace transaction. Business and consumers can take advantage of this process for free.

How do I take legal action against an online company?

The state agency that regulates the company or your local consumer protection office may be able to help you. You can report your problem to an organization like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your area. You can file a complaint with the BBB against a business.

Can you file a lawsuit against a website?

Supreme Court of the United States has held that an individual cannot sue a website for giving out inaccurate personal information unless they are able to show that their injury is concrete, immediate or imminent.

How do I file legal action against a company?

As the plaintiff, you must file a complaint, serve notice on the defendant company, prepare your case, respond to motions, gather evidence, and subpoena any witnesses you need. As well as paying the filing fee, the plaintiff needs to budget for court costs.

Can you sue an online game company?

There is a chance that you can sue an online gaming company, but it will cost you thousands of dollars and might not result in you getting any money back.

How do I file a complaint with ecommerce?

This department is responsible for consumer affairs. By visiting the website, you can make a complaint. A cad. To reach the 800 number, go to .gov. For more information, call (510) 5210 or fill out the form below. Office of the Attorney General of California.

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A Retrospective of all the Biggest YouTube Controversies




If you are someone that has been on the internet for some time now, then you probably spend more than enough time on Youtube. Since the site’s launch in 2006, millions of people have logged on to check out fun content and even post some for themselves.  

It is said that Youtube has created an entire culture for a generation of people born in the early 2000s as many of them grew up watching the videos posted on the site and they got to know all of the creators that became popular on the site.  

When the site was launched, it was launched with the intention of people being able to share their passions and post funny videos. Absolutely nobody could have guessed that Youtube could become the business that it has become.  Due to the fact that being a content creator could make you so much money, more and more people flocked to the site with hopes of breaking through and becoming popular content creators. To make a name for yourself, all that you really need to do is buy cheap youtube views and post regularly and you are bound to collect somewhat of a following.  

With all of the new content creators that started on the site in the last decade, there has been a lot of diversity in the content uploaded and with all of the content that has been uploaded to the site,  Youtube has had its fair share of controversies. Nobody could have predicted that Youtube would become the center of such controversial stories over the years and here is a retrospective of all of the biggest Youtube controversies of the last decade. 


Logan Paul  

If you are someone that spends a lot of time on Youtube, then as soon as you read the name Logan Paul, then you definitely know what I am referring to. In 2016, Logan Paul was at the height of fame with millions of followers and a dedicated fan base. Logan was Youtube’s golden boy and he was even jump-starting a Youtube singing career with a lot of positive reviews.  

Logan was well known for his vlog-style videos, where he took his fans with him on his adventures and what he would do in a standard day as a Youtube sensation. His fans loved how transparent he was with them and they felt as though they were one big family that he called the ‘Mavericks’. Everything was going very well for Logan Paul until he decided to take his fans with him on a trip to Japan. 

Logan planned to stay in Japan for a number of weeks and the first few vlogs that he posted on the site showed him exploring the city and getting to know the culture. These initial videos were controversial enough, as Logan was being quite disrespectful to Japanese culture. There is a way that Japanese people like to carry themselves in public and Logan was completely ignoring this, running around the streets and screaming. 


The Controversial Video

It was his final Japan vlog that had the most controversy and this is when he ventured into Japan’s infamous ‘Suicide Forest’. As soon as the video started, fans were immediately uncomfortable as Logan entered the forest wearing a Toy story hat, which seemed to be extremely disrespectful. This forest earned its name due to the fact that people from all over Japan travel to this forest too, unfortunately, take their lives and so it seemed quite disrespectful that he would dress as he did.  

Things really took a turn when Logan, unfortunately, stumbled across the body of someone that had taken their life. Any other ordinary person would have stopped filming and contacted the necessary authorities. Instead, Logan decided to film the body and was heard making some jokes and even laughing. He then uploaded this content to Youtube, which was obviously met with a lot of criticism. This controversy is so big due to the way that it changed how Youtube worked, companies were pulling their ads from the site and content creators were losing money. Logan apologized for what he did, but he will always be known for his disrespect.  


Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star vs James Charles  

One of the biggest examples of Youtube controversy in the beauty community actually happened only last year. If you are someone that keeps up with the beauty community, then you will know that there is a constant stream of arguments at all times. 

A popular beauty content creator named Tati uploaded a video entitled ‘Goodbye Sister’ at the start of 2020 and within the hour-long video she ‘exposed’ the Youtuber James Charles and even accused him of being a sexual predator. Tati seemed to have a lot of information around all of the wrong things that James had done, but she didn’t want to reveal where this information had come from. 

James later responded with a video that basically showed that every single point that was made by Tati was in fact a lie. James and Tati were actually very close friends before this controversy and he even did the makeup for her wedding. Within his response video, he begged Tati to reach out to him so that they could discuss what had happened. Tati then released a video where she apologized to James for the video that she had previously made and this is where it gets juicy.  


The Response

Within Tati’s newer video she revealed that she had gained all of the information that she had from Youtubers Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star, who had repeatedly told her to make a video and let the world know what kind of person James was, but not to include her. It turns out that Tati was simply relaying information that she had learned from Jeffree and Shane and she apologized for allowing herself to be caught up in the drama and almost completely destroying the career James had worked for.  

Nobody really knows why Shane and Jeffree tried to ruin James’ career as they have denied all allegations. Fans have guessed that it had something to do with their more recent makeup release, which would have lined up perfectly with the release of James’ brand new makeup line that was being released by the same company as Shane and Jeffree’s. Luckily for James, he was able to clear his name relatively quickly and his makeup launch was a great success, which could not have been saying for Jeffree and Shane as their careers have been on a downward spiral since this controversy.  


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How Health Regulations have Changed Due to the Pandemic 




The pandemic hit the world in ways we could never have imagined. What started off as an issue that we could observe from afar with sympathy quickly infiltrated the western world and left us all in a difficult position. We didn’t quite know how to deal with the effects of the pandemic, and so many countries around the world were left in a state of unrest and panic as nobody knew what the future had to hold.   

It has been over a year and a half since the first recorded cases of coronavirus were made known to the public, and the world is only just starting to return to normality. At the start of the world pandemic, it was predicted that the effects of the virus would only cause two weeks of isolation, but this isolation turned into a year very quickly.   Due to how fast the effects of coronavirus took hold of the world, many places were not prepared to take it on.

Something that people didn’t expect was just how much the pandemic would drain our medical supplies and push our health sector to breaking point. During the height of the pandemic, some hospitals couldn’t even get enough rubber gloves to cater to their patients, which shows just how bad things really got.  

Thanks to a decrease of cases due to the introduction of a pandemic and global isolation, our medical sector is starting to stabilize and become much more dependable again. However, to continue to keep our medical sector in the best possible position that we can, there has been an introduction of brand new health regulations. Our medical sector depends on these brand new health regulations to be able to survive, but weirdly enough, there has not been a lot of advertising on what these regulations are. Here are how health regulations have changed due to the pandemic.  

A decrease in prescribed medications  

Before the pandemic, it became quite a joke that doctors and hospitals would prescribe medication for essentially any ailment. This was partly due to being understaffed and overworked, so giving out medication was a very fast and easy solution.  

These Health Tips Could Save Your Life, According to Doctors | Eat This Not That


As a result of the economic strain that has been caused by the virus, hospitals and GPs are being asked to only prescribe medication if it is absolutely necessary. You may not know this, but prescribing medication costs the health sector billions every year, which we simply can no longer afford.  


There has also been an outcry to the general public to think whether or not they truly need medical assistance before contacting your medical professionals. It costs the medical sector much more to prescribe pain killers than it costs for you to simply head to a local pharmacist and purchase it yourself. We also recommend avoiding buying medication in general unless you really need it. You can instead try and deal with your medical ailments in more natural ways, such as using CBD oil for pain or similar issues.  

 Appointments via Phone  

Best Doctor Consultation In Kanpur Book Online - MERHS

A new regulation that they are trying to put in place is getting rid of unnecessary face-to-face appointments. If you have ever been to a hospital or doctor’s surgery, then you will be more than aware of just how long you need to wait due to how busy hospitals are. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus and the overpopulation of hospitals, most doctors are asking that you call the practice ahead of actually going there.


A lot of people that had previously been going to the doctors and hospitals didn’t actually need to go there, which means they were just opening themselves up to actual illness and putting themselves in dangerous situations. Not only were people putting themselves in danger, but they were making the workload of doctors much bigger than it needed to be.  


Now that people can not just freely go to doctors and hospitals unless it is an emergency, resources are being used much more wisely. People who really need medical attention are also finally getting the help that they need, and they are not being pushed aside for people who do not necessarily need an appointment.  


Since introducing phone call appointments instead of allowing people to walk in, fewer people have been attending the doctors and hospitals. This shows just how much the resources were previously wasted and how easily we could have been saving money for the medical services previously.  After lockdown comes to a close, doctors, practices, and hospitals have the intention of keeping it this way so that they don’t have to worry about people wasting resources that they don’t necessarily need.  

Improvement in the social care system.  

The future of women's health care is in collaboration | Northwell Health

Something that was really made clear due to the pandemic was the unfortunate state of the social care system. This pandemic showed us that our social care system is severely underfunded and even more so understaffed. New legislation that was put in place after the initial wave of the pandemic was mostly based around improving the work conditions of social care workers and also providing much more medical equipment and PPE to these facilities.


The events of the pandemic unearthed a lot of problems that had been unseen for a number of years in the different medical sectors, and now we are starting to start to make changes to the horrible environments some are forced to work and live in.  

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Why Self-Defense Classes Attendance Has Risen Sharply in the USA





Self-defense is defined as a countermeasure that involves defending yourself and your health from any potential harm or danger, for example, if someone was to try and mug you it would be a countermeasure to prevent this from happening. There are 2 main types of self-defense that are both popular ways to defend yourself. The first is unarmed self-defense, this usually involves practicing martial art. There are loads of different martial arts that all have different main focuses, some of the most popular martial arts are karate, Muay Thai, ju-jitsu, and taekwondo. Some martial arts only focus on self-defense, this involves learning how to avoid a punch or how to lock someone who is a threat from moving until the police come to deal with the threat. These types of martial art also usually teach you how to get away from a gun or a knife if you’re being threatened by someone with a weapon. Some martial arts teach this but mainly focus on combat and how to attack back, which martial art you should take depends on what your style of fighting would be in a situation where it is necessary.  

The other popular type of self-defense is armed self-defense. You’ll have to check the laws in your local area to know what weapons you can carry for self-defense as these laws massively vary from state to state. There is a whole variety of weapons that you can carry, pepper spray is legal in most states so this is a great thing to carry for self-defense as it is easy to use and effective. Other weapons include guns, water-based weapons, and batons, the highest quality baton we’ve come across was found on, and if you want to know anything else about batons you can check there. There has been a massive rise in the number of people in the USA attending self-defense lessons and we’ll explore the reasons why for you. 


The importance of self-defense

Self-defense is really important as you never know what will happen to you either outside or in your own home. You should always be prepared to protect yourself from any potential threats. Taking a self-defense class is a great way to feel safer when you’re outside or when you’re falling asleep at night. If you know self-defense it also means that you would be able to protect your friends and family from any potential threats too. Taking a self-defense class also has many other benefits, engaging in a self-defense class has been linked to an increase in confidence, it helps you to become more disciplined as you have to stick to taking classes, it will help your overall fitness as these classes can often be intense, it also helps you to develop a warrior mindset which will help you deal with many situations in life and it’ll improve your reflexes. 

Taking a self-defense class always has a massively positive impact on your life. Whilst it might be intimidating at first if you’re new to it, no one has ever regretted attending a self-defense class. They’re educational and increase your safety all whilst having fun and getting fit. There is also usually a great community in a self-defense class which also helps you to feel safer as you’ll have a whole network of people that would try and keep each other safe. 


Why are more people attending self-defense classes in the USA?

It isn’t surprising that attendance at self-dense classes in the USA is sharply increasing as there are several major reasons that have led to this happening. The USA has relaxed rules and regulations around gun ownership and open carrying. This has led to the USA having more school shootings than any other country and one of the highest numbers of gun-related deaths in a developed country. This has scared people and as previously mentioned many martial art/self-defense classes teach you how to get away from a gun. As many people are scared of the guns that are on the streets it makes sense that they’re reaching out to a place that can help them, this helps to build their confidence and makes them less fearful of the guns in society as they will feel like they can still protect themselves.  

Women’s self-defense classes have become much more popular and have more people attending than ever before. This may be because there is still a lot of violence towards women in our current society and women are either afraid or fed up so have decided that learning self-defense is the best way to protect themselves from any threats rather than living in fear. Another major reason why attendance may have skyrocketed is because of the actions of the police in the previous year. The police have acted with extreme force against people attending peaceful protests like the Black Lives Matter protests last year. People who attended these protests would want to be able to protect themselves against the police the next time they go to protest and the best way to do this is by taking a class. If you’re considering joining then we can’t recommend it enough for all the reasons above.  

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