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Be Careful While Working! – All Tech Eyes Might Be On You



This pandemic showed us things which we had never imagined to see in our life. One of such things is work from home, continued for several months. Yes, people might have worked at their home for a day or two previously. However, working continuously at home for several months is altogether a different experience. With many advantages, it has several disadvantages to it.


We are listing the most vital benefits, some of which you might be aware of.

  • A stable work-life balance is maintained. Due to the flexible nature of work from home, one can manage his personal and professional life easily. In this way, no problems arise as such.
  • No extra stress and fatigue are caused due to journey. Staying at home, you save a big portion of your valuable energy, which you can invest in your work instead. This leads to a better outcome and fast fulfilment of goals.
  • The relaxed lifestyle and better health. Travelling daily amidst traffic, pollution, bad weather etc. often takes a toll on your health. On top of that, mental stress is at a peak sometimes. Work from home comes as a relief in disguise in such case. You can have a relatively relaxed lifestyle and look after your health.
  • Travelling costs are saved here due to staying at home. This sums up to quite a good amount of savings at the end of every month.


Like everything, this method of work to has shortcomings of its own. Let us discuss some of them –

  • Lacking motivation at home is a major problem faced by employees working from home. At the office, they work with colleagues, for the same goal. Boss or seniors might even inspire you all sometime. But at home, these things aren’t possible. This lack of motivation can have severe negative effects on work quality
  • While the flexible timings may be a boon for someone, it might not be for many of the employees. Workers often fail to control themselves from taking frequent and unnecessary breaks. They might waste a lot of time in this process, leading to their reduced productivity.
  • Since the employees aren’t effectively monitored at home, they might do some mistakes in absence of proper guidance.

Is Technology Spying on You?

There is nothing to be afraid of. To keep the employees on track and to monitor their movements, many organizations use technology to keep an eye on them. For example, before starting their daily work, they might be required to log into VPNs. Thereafter, their movements are going to be tapped. In case, someone stays away from his laptop for a long time, his employer might come to know. There are many apps which enables the managers to keep a track of your activities.

Technology isn’t limited to work from home. Tracking and keeping an eye works in malls, supermarkets, stores as well. Safety measures are being taken to prevent theft. Apart from that, the convenience of the customers is being given top priority.


The Best Tips For Beginners To Invest In Properties




Investment is something that we should do to secure a good future, but many people are confused about where to put their money. Properties have always been preferred by investors who don’t want to take a high risk but want to have a good passive income source. The more you invest the more passive income you will get on a regular basis, so this is a good idea to begin investing. We are going to share the best tips with you about investing in properties for passive income.

Connect With Your Tenants

Investing in properties is a different thing and managing them is a different thing, you have to make sure that you connect with the tenants regularly.  It can be through WhatsApp chats or calls, make sure you regularly connect with your tenants and make them feel comfortable to contact you. They are the source of your income if you think of this investing thing as some kind of business they are your customers so it would be a better option to treat them well. Hear their issues with the property and solve them, building a good relationship with a good tenant will bring regular returns on time.

Hire A Team Of Professionals

As we said earlier this is a different thing to manage the property, you must hire someone who can handle these things. There are a lot of things that need to be done while managing the property, you need to get in touch with the tenants, collect rent, and solve their grievances while in the living facility. You also need professional help to even get a tenant, this is not possible to just walk and do the things on your own.

Become Advanced  

Instead of going to their places individually for collecting rent or for other matters you should choose to get the work done smartly. There are several social media platforms and applications to submit the payment. Accepting digital payment is for your convenience as you can directly get that in your bank account and by going digital you make it much easier to connect with your tenants.

How To Get Started?

Being a beginner, you may be confused about many things that include taking several decisions such as where to invest your money and how to manage things. For managing things you can leave it to an agency that can handle the work for you. It is easy to find them online, there are several of them so make sure you find one for yourself that fits your need. If you are confused about where to invest, you can choose any of the popular ongoing projects to invest in.

You can find them in the newspaper as an investor you need to be aware of these things. Make sure you invest your money in the right place and get a good passive income from your instrument, this is hard for you alone but with a team, you are going to get more convenient money.

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