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4 Fascinating Features Youtube Is Rolling out To Android And iPhone Users



As we know that youtube is the best video streaming website by the Google which is available for both iPhone and Android phones. Loads of video streamer uses this platform because it is number one and contains the high quality content to watch. You can either watch it online or save it offline that is up to you. If you like the video then there is a button of like that you can use in order to like it.

Currently youtube is planning to roll out the brand new 4 features for both android and iphone devices so if you are one of them then this article is for you. All you need to do is stay till the end and make sure to not to rush. Before discussing the features you should need to know about some of the basics like the application is really convenient to use as in there you will get all the features cleared out.

If you are new then in the beginning you need to log in with your google account so make sure to keep this thing in mind. If you do not use your google account then you won’t come to save any video or view your history.

4 features you should be aware of

There are actually loads of them but we will be going to talk about the new features which are going to be discussed. So if you are interested then make sure to pay attention on all of them and do not skip any part of it. Here are some of those for you-

  • Video chapter

The number one great feature is the chapter that is first introduced by the desktop. In this you will come to know about the specific topics or the chapters inside the video so that you can easily jump right into it. This feature is highly useful, SEO wise, because it will help creators to see their videos getting ranked higher on both YouTube & Google search engines. Creators who would utilize this feature properly, will see an audience retention increase which in return might improve their YouTube monetization as well. If you want your hands on this feature then you must make sure to update your application and then use it.

  • 2 icon page

Youtube is working on the new position of 2 icon page which they think that is convenient. Also you will get an autoplay button in the video which you can turn on or off manually. The caption button has been revised too and it is now been placed at the most prominent location as compared to the earlier version.

  • Gesture support

Now you will see some of the fascinating gestures like now you can enter in the full screen mode by swiping up the screen. On the other hand you can exit the video right away by swiping down. So it is much easier as it sounds and you can easily use it without any issue at all.

  • Suggested actions

Now you will get an option to play videos on AR but for that you need to have a special device that can allow you to view AR content with much real vision.

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New Study Suggest Giving Presents Releases More Endorphins than Receiving them




It is almost entirely impossible to deny that one of the best feelings in the world is receiving a present. We all wait in anticipation for events such as birthdays and Christmas, eager to see what we have been lucky enough to receive from our close friends and family. We feel this way due to the flood of endorphins that we get every time we open a present. However, you may have noticed that you don’t just experience this feeling when you have received a present. You will also experience this exact same feeling when you watch a loved one open up a present you have gotten them. You may not have noticed this before and instead, put it down to the nerves or anxiety caused by the fear of your loved ones not enjoying their gift.


What you are in fact feeling is a rush of endorphins, but what exactly are endorphins?


What are endorphins

Endorphins are actually produced naturally by your nervous system as a way of combating anxiety or pain. If you have been in a situation where you have accidentally hurt yourself, you may have noticed a sudden rush of ‘adrenaline’ that made the pain feel less severe, this is in fact endorphins.  Though endorphins can be produced from several parts of your body, the main source of endorphins is your pituitary glands.  Everyone produces a differing amount of endorphins naturally and those of us that produce a lower amount of endorphins are more susceptible to conditions such as depression and anxiety. However, there are activities that you can do that will make you produce more endorphins.


Activities that lead to the production of endorphins



Though I’m sure a lot of you dread the idea of having to do exercise to receive more endorphins, exercise is arguably one of the most effective ways you can trigger the production of them. If you have ever been running, you may be familiar with a feeling that is referred to as ‘runner’s high’. This is an immense feeling of euphoria after completing a long run which is caused by the fast release of a lot of endorphins. Exercise is so effective that if you are someone that suffers from low-level anxiety, doctors may prescribe that you complete some moderate exercise.



A really simple and effective way to release endorphins actually comes through laughing. If you are in a position where you feel as though your endorphin levels are low, a quick fix will be watching a funny video you like or even reading a few bad jokes. The more you laugh, the more endorphins you release so why not settle in and watch a full comedy special?



Even having a small taste of the food that you love will encourage your brain to produce more endorphins. This is because as humans we have naturally positive associations with certain foods, especially those that we enjoy the taste of. Eating these foods will boost your endorphin levels and make you feel much more energized.



The main focus of this article is how giving can be an extremely effective way of boosting your endorphins. There have been dozens of scientific experiments carried out to test which activities can lead to a boost in endorphins and giving a gift came up as one of the most effective ways of doing so. Being able to measure endorphin levels has only been possible during the last decade and one of the ways they are measured is through the use of an MRI scan.


An experiment was carried out consisting of a man in an MRI machine, giving a gift to another person. Scientists found that there was increased activity in the reward center of the brain and endorphin levels skyrocketed much more than when the man had received a gift.  Scientists labeled this increase in endorphins as the ‘helper’s high’ and can be compared to the feeling that you get after doing a long run.


If you are someone that suffers from low endorphin levels, it would be recommended that you don’t try and skimp out on the gifts this year. If you have the money, why not get your parents a nice bottle of wine and your nieces and nephews some spielzeug für kleinkinder. Not only will they be grateful for the nice gift, but you will also benefit too.



The benefits of increasing your endorphin levels

You may be wondering why it is even worth trying to improve your endorphin levels, here are some of the many benefits of increasing your endorphin levels.


Reducing stress and anxiety

If you are someone that finds themselves easily overwhelmed and anxious, then you will benefit from completing activities that increase your endorphin levels. When your endorphin levels increase, you usually feel a flood of happiness and calm. This can be very useful when dealing with stress and anxiety.


Weight reduction

Something that a lot of people don’t know is that boosting your endorphin levels can actually help to reduce weight gain. When you are stressed and upset, your appetite is often negatively affected. This can cause you to either overeat or not eat enough, which can lead to weight gain. Endorphins help to regulate your appetite and can prevent you from gaining weight. Endorphins are also released through exercise, which when done enough can prevent weight gain.

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How One YouTuber Raised Over a Million Dollars for Charity




Korean-American YouTuber Markiplier (Mark Fischbach) was originally born in Honolulu Hawaii but was raised in Ohio in the United States by his mother and father. In 2008, whilst Mark was only 18, his father suddenly passed away from lung cancer. His death affected him more than he initially realized it had. After creating his soon to be unbelievably successful YouTube channel, Markiplier, Mark started off sharing videos of him playing a variety of games and creating a loud and hilarious online persona that seemingly matches his personality very well. Mark has been creating videos since 2012 and since then his channel has grown exponentially, currently amassing over 28 million subscribers as of January 2021.


Unus Annus

Mark’s most recent venture has been his joint channel with fellow YouTuber Ethan Nestor (@crankgameplays) in which the two combined their forces and personalities to make the legendary channel, Unus Annus. The title, translating from Latin as ‘One Year’, was exactly what it said on the tin. The two created the channel towards the end of 2019 with the sole purpose of releasing one video, every day for the next year. Only for the one year anniversary of the channel to be marked with the deletion of the channel and all its content and memories. The tagline of the channel was the Latin phrase, ‘Memento Mori’ which translates to ‘Remember Death’, in this case referring to the eventual death (deletion) of the channel.

Much to the delight of all the fans that had amassed for the channel, the boys kept to their word and managed to post a video every day for an entire year, which was no easy feat. They both claimed that although they could keep the channel going and could still make money from leaving the videos there to gather dust, it would be far more special to explore the philosophical idea of impermanence and create something with a ticking clock. Something people knew would disappear from the moment it was created. To commemorate the anniversary and subsequent deleting of the channel, Mark and Ethan hosted a 12-hour Livestream in which they reflected on the many hilarious moments and memories they had gathered from the channel and experience. The channel was laid to rest on November 14th, 2020 at 12am PST.



One thing that has been a consistent feature of Marks channel year after year is his charity live streams. Since 2012, Mark has hosted countless charity live streams for various lengths of times for a wide variety of charities from breast cancer awareness to raising money for impoverished children to receive toys. From personal donations to causes to money raised from audiences in his fundraisers, Mark is certainly up there as one of the most charitable YouTubers. The beautiful thing about charity streams is that with the right equipment, anybody can do them. If you aren’t sure where to start looking, audio-direct reviews everything related to audio and can give you some ideas for better quality mics for a more affordable price. As long as you have a decent quality mic, you can try out charity streaming for yourself.


A Ture Icon

Whether it is an hour-long charity stream or a 12-hour stream for charity, Mark still manages to give his all and try to entertain his audience for as long as possible to raise as much money as he can for his chosen charity. An estimation of the total amount he has raised over all of his charity streams and fundraisers by Forbes is well over $3 million, which for one YouTuber over the last 8 years is absolutely incredible. Mark also often combines forces with his other YouTuber friends to create even larger charity streams reaching a wider audience. Whilst Mark is often determined to meet the goal he sets for the charity fundraisers, he makes a point of asking the viewers to only donate within their means. If people aren’t in a position to donate financially, they’re still able to help contribute by sharing the link to friends and family that maybe aren’t familiar with Mark or aren’t aware of the stream so that it can reach as many people as possible.

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Global Mobile Entertainment Industry




global mobile entertainment is becoming another big thing for the era. People are managing to earn bigger benefits from the entertainment market, and it is estimated to reach billions by the year 2027. even in the pandemic global mobile entertainment industry made 3 billion in2020, and it is estimated to reach a revised size of US$257.

Global mobile entertainment market in 2020!

according to a report by reportlinker, one billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 15.9% estimate for the segment of the global mobile entertainment. One of the segments analyzed in the report in the mobile game segment will reach US$132.8 billion at the rate of 15.5%  CAGR. With the pandemic outbreak, different industries will encounter an economic crisis, whereas the mobile music segment is adjusted to a revised  18.3% CAGR for the following seven-year period. Globally economies will grow where the US is estimated at US$24.6 billion in 2020 and china’s forecast to grow at 20.5% CAGR.

The global mobile entertainment is estimated to record 12.8% CAGR in the mainland,  such as the USA, Canada, China, Japan, and Europe for this segment mainly. Combined market size of US$8 billion in the year 2020 can be accounting in these regional markets. In addition, this would be the year of the fastest-growing market for the segment of global mobile entertainment. The mainland China will lead the market among other regional markets. Also, regions like Australia, India, South Korea, and other Asian regions will lead the market. Asia Pacific is forecast to reach up to US$39.7 billion. By the year 2027, it will surpass up to the number of 7 billion.

Latin America is showing a good lead in the global mobile entertainment market, and it can expand at a 14.4% CAGR through the analysis period. On the basis of great reports by experts that bring experience and facts together for providing a transparent image of the statistics of global mobile entertainment across the world.

In addition, competition in this market is real and tough. there are high-end competitors in the market that are-

  • Apple Inc,
  • AT& T, Inc,
  • Bharti  airtel limited
  • Comcast corporation
  • Facebook Inc
  • Google Inc.
  • LINE Corporation
  • Machine Zone, Inc.
  • mobi2fun mobile entertainment
  • mobile roadie
  • whatsapp Inc.
  • Twitter Inc.
  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

These are the top competitors that are leading and will be leading the global mobile market.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, we can easily conclude to the aspect that there is no denial into the aspect that pandemic outbreak has grown the global mobile entertainment world. In the year 2020, the world has grown up to a great extent that can manage to attract a wider audience in the different regions. USA, japan, china, Australia, and other regional states are predicted to lead the market according to different market reports based on facts and other statistics. We hope the details stated above make sense to you in learning better about the global mobile industry and its statistics.

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