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9-Year-Old Takes Mother's Car On A Joyride, Damaging 10 Cars Along The Way

Pic: YonhapPic: Yonhap

A nine-year-old boy managed to drive his mother's car for nearly seven kilometres and damaging cars along the way before being caught by the police.

The boy, who was believed to have taken the car keys when his mother was distracted, took his mother's car from the underground parking lot of their apartment and drove on the road to places he has been with his mother, Korea Herald reports.

The incident, which happened on Wednesday in Daejeon, Korea, saw 10 cars damaged at several sites during the one hour the boy left home.

He was caught by the police after they were alerted about the wayward minor by his mother after she noticed that her son was missing along with her car keys.

The police were reportedly told by the boy that playing video games and searching the internet was how he learned how to drive.

As children younger than nine years old do not bear criminal responsibility in the country, his parents are at risk of facing civil suits.