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Paraguayan Peasant Organisations Demand Cancellation Of Their Debts

Jorge GaleanoJorge Galeano

ASUNCION--Paraguayan peasant producers, belonging to the National Inter-Sector Coordinating Committee, will stage a march in this capital for the cancellation of their debts, the organization's sources reported.

We will walk today to the Casa del Pueblo (House of the People) and we will stop in front of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to demand that our request for removing the debts is complied with,' said Jorge Galeano, a peasant leader and member of that entity that brings together rural and union organizations.

The producers are analyzing the possibility of a mobilization -the date will be decided during plenary session-, throughout the national territory with the aim of revealing claims known to the Government, he said.

The farmers requested in 2017 the commutation of their debts to the national Executive; they carried out a 30-days march, and finally reached a refinancing agreement.

According to official data, the Peasant Family Farming barely occupies 6 percent of the cultivable territories of Paraguay.

The extension of the crops, the agribusiness and the lack of support from the State, determine its current deterioration process.