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Two Over Five Patients Depress During Migraine Attack

KUALA LUMPUR -- About two out of five migraine patients reported suffering from anxiety or depression or both in at least one migraine attack.

This is among the data on the impact of migraine on work productivity, unveiled by Healint -- developer of Migraine Buddy, the world’s largest migraine tracking and research platform

The study, entitled Evaluating the Impact of Migraine on Work Productivity in Switzerland Using Self-Reported Data from the Migraine Buddy Application, collected data from 1500 Migraine Buddy users in Switzerland during a 28-day observation period.

Co-authored by Healint’s president and chief executive officer, Francois Cadiou also found -- 86.4 per cent of individuals reported their daily activities being affected by migraine.

The company in a statement also said on average, individuals also reported missing 31.91 work days per year due to migraine.

Cadiou said healthcare and lost productivity figures associated with migraine are costing the US alone upwards of US$35 billion (RM139.56 billion) annually, not to mention the burden the condition has on the patients themselves.

Using sensor technologies, deep analytics and machine learning, the Migraine Buddy platform allows users to easily track all aspects of a migraine attack, including triggers, symptoms, medications and pain intensity.

The Migraine Buddy platform, accessed via iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets, also includes pure voice control via Amazon’s Alexa, the first migraine tracking Skill.

With its comprehensive network of one million users and 100 million migraine days tracked on the platform, Migraine Buddy contains patient reported data that generates real world evidence of the global burden of migraine worldwide.

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