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UN Habitat Forms Task Force To Help Kenyan Govt On Housing And Urban Planning

The city of Nairobi.The city of Nairobi.

NAIROBI -- Kenya is bedevilled by an annual cumulative housing deficit of 200,000 units as more and more Kenyans flock to urban centres for economic empowerment, according to the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN Habitat).

UN Habitat has formed a task-force which is advising the Kenyan government on various related issues, including sustainable housing development and urban planning, in order for the government to facilitate its proposed construction of one million new affordable housing units by the year 2022.

UN Habitat says the migration of Kenyans to urban areas is leading to a proliferation of slums in major urban centres, and it warns that upgrading of slums at the expense of development of affordable housing will only lead to the creation more slums.

With a majority of those unable to access decent housing being low income earners, UN Habitat says the government should first address the issue of access to land as well as promote effective packaging of financing products in the housing sector.

The UN agency says housing projects should be redesigned in a manner which creates job opportunities through, among others, inclusion of social amenities in the planning of housing development.