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People's Movement Rejects US Military Presence In Panama

PANAMA -- The People's Alternative Movement (MAP) rejected today the military exercises that the United States has been carrying out since Jan 2 in Panamanian territory, because they violate the country's Constitution.

In a communique, the civil organization said the agreements that allow to carry out those manoeuvres should have been approved by the National Assembly and not by a simple agreement between the two Governments.

Besides, Article 310 reads that Panama will not have an army, the reason why the presence of foreign troops in our territory is not justified, even fewer troops from the country that attacked us in 1989, according to the press release, which recalled that these exercises violate the Neutrality Treaty, because it allows the presence of foreign armed forces.

'The worst effect is that it places Panama as a military target to the forces and groups opposed to the United States,' while this country is the only Latin American nation that is part of the international coalition against the Islamic State.

The communique also read that these exercises are not only a clear message by the United States against any policy that is not in line with its interests, but also places the Panamanian Government in the middle of the US plans to attack Venezuela.

In this reference, the text recalled the tour of four Latin American countries this week by US State Secretary Rex Tillerson to 'prepare the attack against Venezuela.'