[Video] The Shocking Moment A Hotel Worker Asks Tourist For Oral Sex In Exchange For Her Refund

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From the infamous Harvey Weinstein scandal to the Larry Nassar case, and even locally in Malaysia with cases such as an unemployed man accused of 588 charges of incest with his own nieces – tales of sexual abuse are on the rise.

And perhaps, the scariest thing about these predators is how they masquerade themselves as seemingly normal people, hiding their dangerous tendencies until it's the right moment to strike.

That's what happened to one woman who detailed her encounter about a hotel receptionist who tried extorting her for sexual favours, in a Facebook posting that recently went viral.

In her Facebook posting, Aneta Baker, a tourist from New Zealand wrote that after a misunderstanding with the hotel, she and her friends were mistakenly charged by the hotel for an additional night’s stay.

Naturally, they tried to set the situation straight. So, when her friends went out for a smoke, Aneta enquired if she could get a refund – and that was when one of the workers approached her with an inappropriate and vulgar proposition.

"I was shocked at this person who was in a position of authority in the hotel I stayed at, who waited till I was alone, then proposed he would give me the refund "but what would I give him" were his exact words," she wrote.

Hearing his question, Aneta responded with "how about a smile and some gratitude", to which the worker made his indecent request, which prompted her to record him.

In the eight-minute long recording, you can clearly hear the man requesting for a blow job from Aneta in exchange for her refund.

Aneta also noted in her Facebook posting that the man's indecent and vulgar act does not reflect the hotel, which is why she didn't name the hotel where the incident happened.

She further revealed the purpose of her recording was to protect other girls from becoming the next victim.

"This happened to me on my last night in Bali but I can guarantee you that I was not the first person he has done this to.

"No one should experience this and I'm somewhat glad it happened to me so I can be a voice for the voiceless, that I can speak up for those who may not have felt they could," said Aneta.

After the disturbing encounter, Aneta got in touch with other staff members, but she noted that they were unhelpful.

Finally, she spoke with the General Guest Services manager and he assured Aneta that the hotel staff in question will be fired.

The video unsurprisingly went viral, with it gaining almost 25,000 shares and viewed over four million times at the time of writing.

So to all the ladies out there, especially while travelling, be careful so that you won't fall victim to predators like this.