[Photos] Construction Worker Miraculously Survived After Being Impaled By 24 Inch Steel Bar In His Backside

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In a horrifying incident, a construction worker had his lucky stars to thank after he miraculously survived having a two foot-long rusty steel bar penetrated his behind.

Shocking images show that the pole impaled him through his backside, and went out through his chest.

According to Metro UK, the unnamed workman is from Chenzhou, Central Hunan Province.

His coworkers said that he slipped while working on a platform, and landed on the protruding "rebar", which are used to reinforce concrete.

He was then rushed to the First People's Hospital, where he received emergency surgery.

Dr Zhang Jianwen, the doctor who treated him said that 24 inches of the steel bar went through the man's body.

The steel bar was embedded deep inside his chest cavity, and injuring a number of his internal organs, including one lung.

But fortunately, he managed to survive the accident, after a grueling 5 hours surgery to remove the steel bar from his body.

According to media reports, the man is now in critical but stable condition.