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Father Heartbroken To Find Out His Son’s Answer In Math Homework

In China, cases of hardworking parents who are seldom at home are considered a norm – and the plight of these left-behind children are estimated to affect nine million youngsters.

Recently, another such case went viral on Chinese social media, when a left-behind child made a reference to his absent father in his math homework.

The boy surnamed Luo answered "Three" to a question which asked: “How many people are there in your family?”, despite him coming from a family of four, Chongqing Morning Post reported.

The first grader from Dawu county in Southwestern China's Sichuan province, has two parents and a younger sister.

Seeing his answer, his mother queried her son about his answer, to which he was firm on "Three" being the correct answer as "Daddy's never home."

Hearing his response, the boy's mother was so upset she took a photo of the boy's answer, and sent the photo to her husband, police officer Luo Jian, who was at work.

According to South China Morning Post, the man then posted the picture on social media with the comment, "So (his idea of family) doesn't include me. I'm heartbroken." And his message went viral on Weibo.

Although his job might have taken him away for most hours from his family, Tencent News reported that Luo Jian’s wife is still proud of him.

“Although he can’t give me romance or companionship, I am still very proud of him,” she said.

While this family has their troubles, let this be reminder to the rest of us to spend more quality time with our families as best as we can.