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'Jet Lag Never Looked So Good': Braless Kendall Jenner Drives Her Fans Wild

Kendall Jenner drove her fans wild on Instagram on Sunday when she flashed some serious underboob in a tiny crop top.

The 21-year-old looked incredible in the snap which showed off her toned tummy as she modelled a pair of very skimpy black lace briefs.

Cutting her head out of the shot, she captioned the image with the words: 'jet lag' as she posed in her bedroom.

The 21-year-old model - who is said to be worth around $36million - zoned in on her taught abs as she teased her bust in the half-cut white top she fashioned.

Despite her near-perfect body, her bedroom was a mess - with an unmade bed in the backdrop, having clearly just got up.

Although the standard predictable comments poured in from OTT fans - such as 'you look hot', 'I want to be you' and 'let me love you Kendall' - several made jabs at the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star for alluding to be tired and jet-lagged when she still looked great.

'Yeah, I look just like that when I'm jet-lagged!' one person remarked under the photo.

'This isn't what jet lag looks like!' someone else posted.

'WTF does this have to do with jet lag....?' asked another.

Another echoed: 'What's jet lag got to do with your under wear?'

She showed off a similar look when she put her toned and trim middle on display in a teeny white tank while a few days earlier while snapped out and about getting petrol.

Kendall is breathing a bit easier after securing a restraining order against her stalker this past Thursday.

According to the RO her stalker - 62-year-old Thomas Hummel - must cease all contact and stay at least 100 yards away from Kendall.

Hummel began sending the starlet love letters in February but his correspondence quickly turned dark once the model's security warned him to stay away in March.
The letters became hostile, filled with vicious insults against her, her mother Kris Jenner, and boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

In one letter, he told the Adidas ambassador 'I know you have been in love with me since you were two-years-old. I am in love with you also.'

And in another disturbing note, he called Kendall 'an internet whore, cackling your way through life,' also telling the starlet she was 'puerile and self-centered.'

-Daily Mail