LAST_UPDATETue, 24 Apr 2018 4pm

[Video] Boy Swallowed Up By Crocodile, Angry Mob Hunted And Cut The Reptile To Remove Dead Child's Body

Zimbabwe: After an 8 year old boy, whose name was not mentioned in reports, went missing on the way home from school in the village of Mushumbi Pools in Mashonaland Central province, the villagers’ worst fears have been confirmed.

The horrific footage recorded by an eyewitness with a smartphone showed how the villagers finallylocated the young boy’s remains after cutting open a crocodile’s stomach, UK news daily The Mirror reports.

The crocodile, which was suspected of eating the boy, was shot dead and then cut open in front a large crowd of bystanders.

"The crocodile was shot and was then cut open,” local reporter Simbarashe Sithole said.

"The boy's remains were found in the beast's stomach."

The footage shows the villagers extracting the remaining body parts of the boy from the animal’s guts.

They were then placed on a grey blanket next to the crocodile and two days later buried later in a village funeral .

According to local media reports, recent heavy rain and raising river and dam levels brought crocodiles to places where they are usually not seen thus bringing them in contact with human settlements.