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Muslims Are Opening Halal Sex Shops In Mecca

Halal and sex might seem extremely contradictory, especially when it comes to a shop that’s called ‘Halal Sex Shop’ in the centre of Islam itself, at Mecca.

But according to Alyaoum24, a Arabic news portal, these shops strictly cater to Muslim customers and are expanding in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Abdelaziz Aouragh, the founder, is a Moroccan Muslim. He had previously consulted a Saudi Arabian cleric who had allowed him to sell ‘halal’ items that would lead to ‘the improvement of the sexual relationship between husband and wife’, he explained as reported by AFP. Aouragh who founded the Amsterdam-based El Asira several years back also has a thriving online division to his business. 

According to news reports, he had also sought the help of a German company by the name of ‘Beate Uhse’ and worked on a joint venture with the company in this endeavour, as Beate Uhse’s specialty is being the largest provider of “sexciting” products in Europe, and  Aouragh would be selling the 18 ‘Islamically approved’ toys in his store.

“Our products does not include inflatable dolls but products that increase feelings of sensuality and improve the atmosphere between the couple in the sexual relationship between them,” he said.

And while Muslims aren’t exactly seen as the most sexually promiscuous or perceived as sexually active (besides the widely reprinted trivia that Muslims get 72 virgins in heaven if they ever die from a just Jihadi cause), he also explained that he wishes to change the negative stereotypes Muslim women being still stuck in the 1940’s, pointing out that “the image of women in the kitchen with burqa is not a true picture. There is a lot of love and respect Islam has for adult women” saying, “our store puts women at the center, offers information, and provide answers to frequently asked questions on sex”.

The first Halal Sex Shop started in Turkey in 2013 as reported by the Arabic news portal.

And while sex shops selling ‘toys’ are one thing, a news report that went viral last year alleging the existence of a legitimate business called ‘The Hot Crescent” in Amsterdam that provides ‘exclusive service’ for Muslims by providing girls for sexual pleasure has been proven to be based on a satirical  report from a Belgian "news agency" called Nordpresse.

The news report had even mentioned the other Muslim tourists coming over to ‘visit’ Holland alleging that three imams had given their fatwa approvals with the condition that all these 'escorts' had to... be Muslim, amongst other things they are not allowed to take drugs or drink alcohol and must pray five times a day.

There was even reportedly a quote from 'The Hot Crescent representative.

"This is a unique opportunity for Muslims to get some fun without violating their religion, pointing out that the girls go through medical examination every two months. Among the conditions is not to have sex with customers in ways contrary to Islamic law,” he reportedly stated. 

However, the Egyptian website OnIslam, Moroccan website Yabiladi and Jordanian website Albawaba which had first published the news piece on their websites had since removed it from their sites while some other news reports have claimed the story to be a hoax.

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