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[WITH VID] 6 Months & 7,000 km To Create The Ultimate Wedding Proposal

WHO says men aren’t capable of being romantic? They definitely have it in them, but if you want to see them in their most creative and loving best, watch them when they propose to their loved ones. There’s just something about that special girl who manages to capture his heart that brings out the finest qualities in men.

In 2010, Yassan (real name Yasushi Takahashi) travelled a massive distance of 7,163.67 km by foot and took 6 months in order to create the ultimate wedding proposal. This romantic gesture was done so he could spell out “Marry Me’ using GPS-drawing across the entire length of Japan. There is also an image of a heart covering the island of Hokkaido.

He had pre-planned the route he had to travel beforehand, and then downloaded the GPS-logged data of his travel into a mapping software to create the proposal. This drawing has now been certified by Guinness World Record as the largest GPS drawing.


Thankfully, his girlfriend said “Yes!” to his proposal!


- mD