LAST_UPDATETue, 20 Feb 2018 8am

WhatsApp Now Supports File Transfers Of Any Kind

WhatsApp is now allowing people to send any type of file, and update that expands on the previous file transfer system. There appears to be a limit on the file size at the moment, although WhatsApp itself hasn’t explicitly said so.

Users were originally limited to sending images and pdf documents over the chats.

Something that worked out, and was likely all people needed to do. Still, this update expands on the type of files and supports anything up to 100MB in size. There are also unconfirmed reports that iOS users can send larger files.

The file transfer also works on the WhatsApp web and desktop clients. Allowing people to send work files through the system much faster than email can.

Although the recipient may not be as enthusiastic about downloading such large files over their mobile data connection through an instant messaging app.

This update to WhatsApp has also introduced the option to send pictures directly from the built-in camera function.

Swiping up from the preview creates a gallery, making it much more convenient to take multiple shots to send out.