Red Devils’ Fans Say Mourinho Is Not Special Anymore After Insulting The Club

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Jose Mourinho may not have any regrets and claims he “did his best” after exiting the Champions League following a shock 2-1 defeat to Sevilla, but he might regret saying the loss is “nothing new” for the club – as fans are now demanding for the Portuguese to be sacked in this instance.

After the game at Old Trafford, in an article headlined: "Manchester United and Jose Mourinho got what they deserved vs Sevilla", Manchester Evening News reports, as Mourinho approached the Stretford End tunnel, he seemed to be booed... mutiny and misery.

The self-proclaimed 'Special One’ further drew flak with his arrogant statement: "I've sat in this chair twice before in the Champions League, and I knock Man Utd out at home twice, with Porto - Man Utd out, and with Real Madrid - Man Utd out. So this is nothing new for this football club” – which many Red Devils’ fans deemed unacceptable.

While Mourinho is looking forward to the club's match on Saturday against Brighton and stressed, “I don't want to make a drama out of it…it's not the end of the world" – fans are not letting him get away so easily, because not only did the 90 minutes matter more to them than anything else, but the club is evidently their pride and joy.

"Had David Moyes uttered such comments during his brief reign as United manager, he would have been lambasted, but even Moyes was able to take United into the Champions League quarterfinals," wrote Mark Ogden of ESPN.

"Yes, he really did say this," tweeted The Daily and Sunday Telegraph football correspondent, James Ducker.

"I don’t care how much you’ve won in the past or however great you think you are - you don’t sit there and talk about the club you manage like this. Fans deserve better," Ducker added.

Gutted by the loss and to be followed up by such harsh words, fans claim that it wasn’t just them Mourinho was insulting, but the club that are paying his wages, hence demanded that Mourinho be sacked.

Their dissatisfaction is now pouring all over social media, and it's not surprising why #Mourinho_Out is already becoming a popular a hashtag, equipped with a dedicated Twitter account for Mourinho haters, carrying the same name.

So much for being the ‘Special One’ it looks like egotistical Mourinho has become the ‘Most Hated One’, next to piano-playing striker Alexis Sanchez who still isn’t in tune with his role in the club.