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Counting Down To Klang Valley's Top Ramadhan Bazaars

Ramadhan bazaars are a unique Malaysian thing and is looked forward to by everyone in the countryRamadhan bazaars are a unique Malaysian thing and is looked forward to by everyone in the countryKUALA LUMPUR: In slightly more than a week, Muslims all over the world will usher in the holy month of Ramadhan.


In Malaysia, it also means the time for food bazaars to dominate the streets and unite Malaysians with its array of delectable cuisines.

While the main essence of Ramadhan is fasting and refraining from deviant and distracting acts, it is also an opportunity to titillate taste buds by touring the food stalls set up in various locations across the country.

These bazaars, affectionately known as ‘pasar Ramadan’ is an annual gathering of foodstalls offering food for ‘iftar’ or ‘buka puasa’ for fasting Muslims but is open to all.

Naturally, Malaysia being the food haven that offers a variety of local cuisine, nothing unites its folk regardless of race, age, and gender other than a parade of scrumptious and mouth-watering delicacies.

We at Malaysian Digest are going to refresh your memories on the top Ramadhan bazaar spots in the Klang Valley. While the locations may be devoid of food stalls for now, it is always a good excuse to start marking your calendars:


Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

The location for Bangsar's Ramadhan bazaar along Jalan TelawiThe location for Bangsar's Ramadhan bazaar along Jalan Telawi

Located in front of the Bangsar mosque and food court, this bazaar has several highlights, including the Portuguese-style seafood which is offered in fiery red gravy, selling at RM5 per serving.

The famous ‘Raja Murtabak’ is an enticing stall that provides nothing other than murtabaks as you walk along the bazaar, but the taste is touted to be second to none. Towards the end, a ‘rojak’ stall offers assorted fried food that is spread across a long table to be picked from.

Among other stalls featured include a Kelantanese stall selling ‘nasi dagang’ and ‘nasi kerabu’, which constantly features a long queue, ‘ayam percik’ stalls, a number of ‘ikan bakar Portugis outlets’, and rojala, a hybrid of ‘roti jala’ and ‘murtabak’, to name a few.


Stadium Shah Alam

Shah Alam's most famous bazaar Ramadhan will be the one at Stadium MalawatiShah Alam's most famous bazaar Ramadhan will be the one at Stadium Malawati

The Shah Alam Stadium bazaar is known to be one of the biggest in Selangor, situated along the empty car lots by the stadium. There you can find usual ‘buka puasa’ food, such as ‘murtabak’, ‘roti John’, chicken rice, to other traditional specialties like the ‘nasi kerabu’ and ‘nasi minyak’. The bazaar is neither short of western and Arab cuisine as well.

This particular bazaar is famous for its ‘Papa John’ stall with a long queue but said to be worth waiting for. The recommended pick is the ‘Papa John Kambing’ which is said to be “a class above the other ‘Roti Johns’”.

Other menus that it is famous for include the ‘ayam golek’, Arabic dish ‘nasi khabsa’, mango “Oshin” juice, and a stall selling ‘kebab cucuk’ and ‘kambing golek’. 


Taman Tun Dr Ismail

The spot for TTDI's bazaar RamadhanThe spot for TTDI's bazaar Ramadhan

This particular hotspot sees people from nearby Damansara and Bandar Utama swarming the site as early as afternoon. This is due to the reason that the stalls are opened early not only for the Muslims, but also for those who are on the lookout for lunch and tea and there is no other place that offers good food at low prices other than food stalls such as these.

People would generally line-up for the famous pulut panggang of TTDI, which would be the main attraction here.

The bazaar is located at Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, and offers deliciously made must-haves like ‘tepung pelita’, ‘nasi tomato’ with ‘ayam masak merah’, and ‘popiah’.


SS18, Subang Jaya

Location for Subang Jaya's SS18 Ramadhan bazaarLocation for Subang Jaya's SS18 Ramadhan bazaar

Another bazaar in Selangor, among the largest within the Subang Jaya vicinity, is spread along the SS18 residential area. Business usually begins as early as 3pm as people would start arriving early to avoid rush hour traffic as well as to search for parking spots. The SS18 bazaar is also known for its ‘ayam golek’ and ‘kambing golek grill’.


Kelana Jaya

Location for Kelana Jaya's Ramadhan bazaarLocation for Kelana Jaya's Ramadhan bazaar

About 50 to 60 stalls offering just about every local food are aligned opposite of the mini-Giant hypermarket on Jalan SS6/1, Kelana Jaya. 

A few stalls offer beef rendang, lamb curry or chicken curry to go with ‘nasi kukus.’ Other stalls, meanwhile, prepare fresh coconut and sugar cane juice with no additives, ‘nasi goreng’, ‘sotong bakar’ and many others.


Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (TAR) / Masjid India

Location for Jalan TAR/Masjid India's bazaar RamadhanLocation for Jalan TAR/Masjid India's bazaar Ramadhan

Located smack in the heart of KL, the famous Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman has for many years been a main attraction regardless of time or day, especially when the festivals such as  Hari Raya is closing in and this does not exclude the Ramadan bazaar as well.

Known to the locals simply as Jalan TAR, the bazaar along the road is an all-time favorite among various other bazaars sprawled throughput the city it is inclusive of just about any local and foreign delicacy on offer. 

While Muslims and non-Muslims alike hunt through the bazaar for their personal favorites, Hari Raya merchandise such as clothing and kuih raya are also on sale.

Among the things to be on the lookout for are stalls selling ‘cendol’ and ‘air mata kucing’ as it is not only quenches a day’s thirst, but is also sold at an affordable price of only RM2.


Kota Damansara

Location for one of Kota Damansara's bazaar RamadhanLocation for one of Kota Damansara's bazaar Ramadhan

A relatively new area, compared to other parts of KL, Kota Damansara has its array of various Bazaar Ramadhan's to satisfy your cravings. The one in Seksyen 6 offers items such as thick and juicy Murtabaks, as well as fried mushrooms.


Paya Jaras

The location for Paya Jaras' bazaar RamadhanThe location for Paya Jaras' bazaar Ramadhan

For those staying in Sungai Buloh or further up along the Jalan Kuala Selangor-Sungai Buluh, they would not be strangers to this spot in Paya Jaras. In Ramadhan, this place will be buzzing everyday with food stalls selling different types of cuisines. On normal days, this is also the location for a twice in a week 'pasar malam'.


Kampung Baru

Kampung Baru is well-known for its delightful ‘bubur lambuk’ (mixed rice porridge).Throughout the fasting month, the Kampung Baru mosque would prepare cauldrons of ‘bubur lambuk’ to give out to an endless queue of people waiting for their own portion to bring back home. 

As for the bazaa, it is a large area holding over 150 hawker stalls selling glorious food, which include bubur lambuk, Roti John, putu bamboo, fresh sugar cane juice, and many more.


Pantai Dalam


Located near the Kampung Kerinchi bazaar, the Pantai Dalam bazaar is a great alternative from people near Bangsar as landing a parking spot on Jalan Telawi can be rather difficult, whereas the former is situated at Tapak Pasar Tani Mega, Pantai Dalam.

While it offers variety of delicacies as well, be on the lookout for local cuisines such as freshly cooked ‘roti jala’, ‘kuih cara’, ‘ayam percik’, and yam drink.


Now that we've reminded of what's good to eat in Ramadhan around KL, you can begin your count down to the start of Malaysia's unique Ramadhan bazaars, happening in just a few more days.