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Having A Big Butt Like Kim Kardashian's Could Be Good For Your Health

A recent study led by Cell Research indicates that when a person has very little fat at the buttocks area, the chances of him or her dying is actually much higher and so is the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Time for another serving of mash potatoes?

But of course, this does not imply for those who are overweight. Take Kim Kardashian for example. Her famous derriere has made headlines countless times as it is notably large but we know her big butt is gonna be here for a while as she also works out profusely to maintain her figure.

A diabetes specialist and lead author of the study, Dr Norbert Stefan said those who have a pear shaped body are actually healthier compared to those with an apple shaped body because their thighs and hips stores healthy fat for their body, Daily Mail reports.

And this is due to the excess weight at the thighs and hip being different from the fat stored elsewhere.

“Abdominal fat is more likely to release fatty acids into the blood, which can lead to diabetes, insulin resistance and high cholesterol” he added.

So to all Malaysian women losing their balance with their big butts, fear not and embrace it! You will live longer than the rest of us anyway.