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[Photos] Is It Acceptable To Dress Like This, Even In A Tropical Country, Netizens Ask?

Pic: China PressPic: China Press

A recent photo shared on Imgur has triggered a debate online over where should we draw the line between sexy and trashy.

A local Vietnamese news portal had reported on netizens getting into a debate over a woman spotted two days ago in a local Vietnamese cafe, whom when she turned around revealed that she was wearing a top with no back covering.

The photo shared on Imgur was captioned 'Someone got into a fight with a paper shredder' with many quick to condemn Vietnamese girls for lack of decency, China Press reports.

Pic: FacebookPic: Facebook

However netizens highlighted that according to local media, the woman is somewhat of a local social media celebrity when she was spotted drinking milk tea at a cafe in Hanoi and stirring up a storm on Facebook.

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According to Vietnamese online news portal, local public opinion had become so inflamed over the issue that in recent years, Hanoi has even instituted dress code restrictions in the city's code of conduct charter.

Pic: China PressPic: China Press

Pic: China PressPic: China Press

The report cites that according to the draft Code of Conduct in public, people "should not wear costumes that do not fit the fine traditions, causing disgust".

However, the 'torn clothing' issue got netizens in a flutter again two days ago, exchanging views over the viral image of the girl in the cafe with many suggesting such outfits are deliberately trying to attract attention, another local Vietnamese daily reports.


Among the comments shared on Facebook, some people thought it was all in the name of fashion while many chose to poke fun at it.

"Super hot new fashion style 2017...jealous"

"Beggar,... just begs attention"

"Dog must be finished chewing"

"So, the girl in the picture feel embarrassed or proud of her overnight fame?"

According to the report, the woman is a native from the Dak Lak region, born in 1996, has more than 400,000 people following her on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the comments attached to image on Imgur reflected the views of a more international audience.

Pic: ImgurPic: Imgur

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