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Drivers Beware! You Might Just Be In For A Scary Surprise When You Flash Your High Beams

Pic: The Straits TimesPic: The Straits Times

If you see a ghost in the car in front of you while you’re driving, don’t freak out, for it may just be a sticker.

This resulted from people in China who are tired of being blinded by high beams from road bullies, alas they came up with this spine-chilling solution.

Drivers in China have been spotted sticking scary looking decals on their back windshield to scare those who use these powerful headlights and deter them from ever using them again.

According to the South China Morning Post, the spooky stickers were first spotted by traffic police yesterday in Jinan, eastern Shandong – a car with pictures of pale-skinned ghosts with red tongues at the back windshield.

Pic: Shanghai ExpatPic: Shanghai Expat

Some of these stickers include blood-curling female ghosts, werewolves and bloody handprints.

Apparently these eerie-looking decals are barely visible in the dark as it can only be seen when drivers switch their high beams on flashing the vehicle in front of them, the Strait Times reports.

Tempting and ingenious as it may be, Xinhua news agency reported that people who uses these light-reflecting decals in Jinan can be fined 100 yuan (RM64) as it is deemed illegal and threatens road safety.

Should any road accidents occur as a result of the sticker, drivers responsible will be at risk of severe punishment and bear responsibility.

Nevertheless, it would serve as a great lesson for the mad drivers out there, who may now want to think twice about flashing their high beams.

Pic: Shanghai ExpatPic: Shanghai Expat

Imagine driving in the middle of the night and you suddenly see ghosts popping up in front of you?

It is understandable that the police have decided to take action, but in case you’re planning on having a horror-themed party, go ahead and purchase these decals sold on the e-commerce website Toaboa for only 16 yuan (RM10)!

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