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So You Are An Arts Major, You Must Be So ...

In this day and age, especially in Malaysia, if you are a student and you’re studying any course in the Arts field, you will be automatically judged and condemned not only by so-called friends but even by certain family members.

Yes, I am referring to the extended family of relatives and acquaintances we all have who still compare achievements.

Typically, the usual society-approved professions are doctors, lawyers and engineers. So when you tell people your major is in Arts, you are instantly bound to hear some unkind remarks, comments and worst of all, questions!

The questions, for me, is the toughest and most unnecessary. Why do I have to justify and prove the worth of my major just because you are too ignorant?

So here is a summary of the top 7 most predictable and annoying comments about being majoring in the Arts as compiled by viral news blog World of Buzz recently.

“Haiya easy lah”
Art majors are just like everybody else. We got our exams, assignments etc. Our workload is probably the same as you. So stop saying we have it easy!

“You must be so free. I’m so jealous.”
It has been said time and time again to never judge a book by its cover so stop judging! You don’t see us going around comparing engineering and medical students’ workload with ours. This is just about time management, people.

What are you gonna do by majoring in Arts?”
You get a degree, then you get a job. At least we know what we chose to do with the rest of our lives is genuinely something we are passionate about. So don’t worry, we got it covered!

“What do you actually do ah?”
Be an editor, a writer, journalist, graphic designer, radio announcer and the list could go on forever. It’s infuriating to think there are still people out there who thinks that once you major in Arts, there will be less opportunities for you out there.

“You must be good at drawing and designing stuff!”
On the contrary, becoming an art major doesn’t make us any better at using a paint brush.

“Sometimes you gotta do something to pay the bills even if you don’t like it you know.”
This stereotypical mindset needs to stop. Youths these days need to understand the value of their time, ensuring they only pursue what they’re truly passionate about so that everyday spent working won’t feel like a burden.

“Do you have a backup plan?”
The real question is, what else do you have besides your degree? My point exactly.