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What To Do When SPM's Over?

What's the plan after all this is over?/Google ImagesWhat's the plan after all this is over?/Google ImagesAFTER the pain and anguish ‘suffered’ answering tough SPM examination questions, the next question that faces students is: what’s next?

One thing’s for sure, the options standing before them are narrowed down to these: should I get a temp job, take a new course or take the year off?  

All of a sudden, the students have all these big decisions to make!

If you are an SPM student of the 2013 batch, by now you have almost finished sitting for your SPM examination.

They will have plenty of time to contemplate - about 4 to 6 months - excluding those going for fast-track courses and private colleges.

The prospect of six months of waking up and not going to school must be a heavenly thought for students.

Question is - how long can they hold to the new routine? 

Like it or not it is time for them to start planning their future. Where should they start? What do their parents think they should do during their break?

One such student we spoke to said he would not consider any part time job or part time courses during his holiday period.

“No, I would not consider any of it. I studied hard and I think I deserve a break, at least from looking at books related to work and studies. For 11 years, I have to wake up early in the morning everyday to go to school and you expect me to go back to the same routine? No way,” said a miffed SPM student Iskandar Syekh Emirullah Hassan.

Another student at the Sekolah Menengah Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Shareena Sharifudin, meanwhile said she wants to take up the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) at the British Council.  

“I think a short course would be a great use of my time off. I am planning to further my studies in the education line because my parents told me to take up short courses which will help me to gain an early foundation in professional skills that I can build on,” she said.

Shareena’s mother, Ain Sanusi Junid, said she believes getting her daughter to take a short course will help to improve her daughter’s worth to employers after she graduate.

She said students should properly consider their activities during the SPM break because what they do during the break will become important if they want to be considered for a scholarship later.

“They might have an interview with Public Service Department (JPA) or Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), for instance.

“They might ask the students, how did they spend their SPM holidays? They could always use the experience they gain, if any, during the break for scholarship application purposes in the future,” said Ain, who is also a lawyer by profession.

Another parent, Vinargavarty Subramaniam, said she want to send her son to a local University.

“However during their holidays, if my son has any prior travel plans, I would advise him to instead go and earn some extra pocket money,” she said.

She said apart from earning a salary, getting a job will also expose them to the rigours of the working world, where they will need to be professional and disciplined, apart from also learning to expand their communication skills.

“Students can also consider getting an occupation as an unpaid assistant at a workplace. It is actually quite similar to getting a job but you don’t get a salary,” said Vinargavarty.

Students should really plan their SPM break carefully so that they can make full use of the time allocated to them.

There are many options available to them. They can use the time to meet new people, help others, gain valuable experience, earn a salary, etc. The world is their oyster!

Parents should also provide them with the options so that they can chart their way through their career early on.  

Or they can waste it away by going on a holiday.

Our advice to SPM students is: don't waste the time of opportunity. Before you know it, your holiday will be over and you will have to face reality.

And stay away from Villa Nabila.