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Hot Weather, Haj Pilgrims Advised To Reduce Outside Activities

Jemaah HajiJemaah Haji

MADINAH -- Haj pilgrims are advised to cut down on outside activities such as shopping and making visits especially in the day time, apart from the ones organised by Tabung Haji while in the Holy Land in view of the rather hot weather.

Pilgrims Management Fund Board (Tabung Haji) Madinah Operations Director, Affandi Abdullah reminded Malaysian haj pilgrims for the 1439H season to look after their health and to drink a lot of plain water to avoid dehydration.

“This year, the haj season is still observed during the hot weather, thus they are reminded to be prepared to face the hot weather with the temperature exceeding 40 degrees celcius,” he said at a media session, here today.

According to the Tabung Haji statistics, the hottest temperature recorded was three years ago, where the 'wukuf’ was observed in the month of September which was the peak of the sot season.

The hottest area was in Madinah. However, the haj season advances little by little each year and this year, the haj pilgrims might observe the Wukuf in the Plains of Arafah on Aug 20 and return to Malaysia before September.

According to the Tabung Haji medical officer, the weather in the holy land during the haj season this time is in the region of 40-46 degrees celcius during the day time and reaching 34 degrees celcius at night.

The difference in weather condition between Saudi Arabia and Malaysia will result in the haj pilgrims to be prone to ilnesses related to the hot weather such as heat stroke.

There are three types of illnesses caused by the heat namely the 'heat cramp’ followed by 'heat exhaustion’and 'heat stroke'.

"Pilgrims who show symptoms of this disease such as heat cramp, dizziness, nausea and heat exhaustion, are advised to seek advice from the medical officers deployed at the respective zones for treatment,”he said.

This is to avoid the pilgrims from reaching the third stage namely the heat stroke which could lead to death or damage of the internal organs.

For the three residential zones in Madinah, the Tabung Haji treatment centres are located at the Hotel Al-Haram for zone one, Hotel Anwar Movenpick for zone two and Hotel Rawda Al-Aqeeq for zone three.

The treatment centres will operate from 7 am until 12 noon; 4pm until 6pm; and 8pm until 10.30 pm besides emergency services which operate 24-hours daily.