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[Video] Footage Of Car Slamming Into Road Barriers And Hitting Cars On Sprint Highway Goes Viral, Delirious Driver Detained

A video had gone viral in social media, showing a Honda CRV being driven dangerously along the SPRINT Highway leading to Federal Highway on Tuesday.

The car was seen hitting road barriers multiple times as well as weaving dangerously between the highway lanes, nearly hitting other road users.

The video was recorded by motorcyclist Mohd Faizal Mohd Sabri who was riding from Sungai Buloh to Bangi.

He noticed the car’s dangerous driving when they were near the National Science Centre in Bukit Kiara and heading for the Federal Highway.

Faizal, who worked as a lorry driver, told mStar that the driver drove so dangerously that he hit a toll barrier.

“After he hit the barrier, the driver stopped for a while and just as I was approaching him to ask why he drove so carelessly, he floored the pedal and took off.

“I immediately took out my phone to record his driving because I was afraid that if something unfortunate happened, I would have proof that can be shown,” he explained.

The 35-year-old motorcyclist didn’t call the police when it happened because he wanted to prevent the situation from worsening while the car was still moving. He ensured that no other drivers approached the Honda CRV for fears of any unwanted accidents.

In that intense moment, another motorcyclist helped Faizal to control the situation and stop the car.

“Thank God, as soon as the driver stopped, traffic policemen arrived at the scene less than five minutes later.

“When the police came, I was nearly hit because he wanted to drive off again. Fortunately, I managed to take his car keys first,” he recalled.

The 2.15pm incident was caused by 79-year-old Ti Teow Yong who also hit the back of a Mitsubishi Triton driven by a 41-year-old.

Selangor Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department chief Superintendent Azman Shari’at said a traffic policeman from the Petaling Jaya police department detained the elderly man and took him to the police station.

“Investigations revealed that the man was in delirium due to hypo-tension or low blood pressure.

“His child came to the station soon after he was notified and the man was hospitalised at the Tropicana Medical Centre for further treatment,” he said.

The case is being investigated under the Rule 10 LN 166/59 of the Road Traffic Rules 1959.

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