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Dependence On 'Middleman' In Recruitment Of Foreign Labourers Reduced - Kula Segaran

M. Kula Segaran.M. Kula Segaran.

KUALA LUMPUR -- Human Resource Minister M. Kula Segaran today said that the ministry would reduc its dependence on “middleman”, such as concession company My E.G. Services Berhad (Myeg), which handles the recruitment of foreign labourers.

"The government is taking steps with not only Myeg, but also other middle man organisations. All this organisation serves no purpose because you already got a government, why do you have a parallel government? 

"We have enough civil servants to handle the matter. That is what we are seeing in a big picture, that is what we want to achieve. We will come with formative policy very soon,"he added.

He told reporters this  after the handing of a cheque for Tabung Harapan Malaysia by the Malaysian Indian Metal Traders and Recyclers Association, amounting RM50,000.            

As at 3 am today, the Tabung Harapan Malaysia has collected RM89 million.

Meanwhile, Kula said Malaysia was having discussions with the Singapore government to share the best practices in managing foreign labourers that could be implemented in the country.

He said the mechanism implemented in the republic would be useful in helping Malaysia to deal with issues on foreign labour.

We have an attache at the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore  and we are discussing several matters that can be applied by us to deal with problems on foreign workers, he added.