LAST_UPDATEWed, 18 Jul 2018 11pm

Linking Nipah Virus To Food Wrapped In Banana Leaf Not True, Says Health Ministry

Datuk Dr Khalid Ibrahim.Datuk Dr Khalid Ibrahim.

PUTRAJAYA - Not true – this is what the Health Ministry has said about a recent message that has gone viral on social media linking a death at a local private hospital to consuming food wrapped in banana leaf and   supposedly caused by the Nipah virus.

Selangor State Health Director Datuk Dr Khalid Ibrahim said the ministry had conducted an investigation based on the message and found that there was no patient admitted to the hospital with such a case.

There was no case nor death notification received by the district health offices,  the state health department ior the ministry involving any disease or incidence of food poisoning suspected to be caused by the use of banana leaf or a case suspected being infected with the Nipah virus, he said in a statement.

The whatsapp message stated that a woman had encountered  breathing difficulties and died later after consuming a meal wrapped in banana leaf that had the virus.   

 Dr Khalid urged the public not to believe news and messages that were not verified.

He said it would be best for them to get confirmation from the ministry before passing on incorrect  information.