LAST_UPDATESat, 23 Jun 2018 9pm

Mount Kinabalu Climbers, Workers Evacuated Safely


RANAU: All climbers and workers who were on Mount Kinabalu when the earthquake struck last night, were evacuated to safety this morning.

Deputy Sabah Fire and Rescue department director (operations) Khairul Azuwan Ibrahim said there were about 130 climbers on the mountain when the earthquake, which measured 5.2 on the Richter scale, struck at 9.06pm.

"There were also 42 mountain guides, 12 mountain torque personnel, four porters, 30 Sutera Harbour staff, four construction workers, 11 Sabah Parks personnel and six Mountain Guide Search and Rescue personnel (MOSAR).

"All of them arrived at (Timpohon gate) in stages between 1.30am and 4.30am,” he said when met at the location.

He added the search and rescue mission involved 76 people from various agencies including MOSAR, police, Civil Defence Department, Health ministry and Sabah Parks staff.

“Although there are some routes that have collapsed but everything is under control.

"As we had faced similar experience,the personnel managed to take swift action to ensure all were safe at the mountain,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kinabalu Park manager Yasin Miki said there are huge ruins at the mountain but cannot ascertain the exact location.

“It was dark during the incident thus it is difficult for us to locate the damages but we will conduct further checks today."