No Racial, State Quota In Naval Recruitment - RMN Chief

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KUCHING -- The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) does not set any racial or state quota in its recruitment process, says Admiral Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin.

On the contrary he said, the RMN encourages people of various races in the country to join the security agency.

"In the RMN or the Malaysian Armed Forces we do not set any quotas (in recruitment process) at all. For example we do not specify that there must be a fixed number of recruits from Sabah or Selangor.

"We regard everyone (who apply) as Malaysians and we invite the non-bumiputeras, namely the Chinese and Indians to join us," he said during the 'Admiral On Deck' session with Sarawak RMN at the Old State Legislative Assembly building in Petra Jaya, here today.

"I welcome more Sarawakians to join the RMN. The loyalty, discipline and hard work often demonstrated by our personnel from Sarawak are so unique, so there is no reason for us to limit recruitment from the state," he said.

Ahmad Kamarulzaman said though no quota has been set, recruitment of candidates would be based on the predetermined selection criteria.

"Every time we organise a recruitment event, many would turn up but most do not meet the academic requirements or fail the physical fitness test.

ÔÇťAcademic qualification and physical fitness are the main criteria which cannot be compromised," he added.