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Pine Forest In Kedah A Photographer Favourite

KULIM -- It is hard to believe that just 30km off Kulim lies a peaceful forest of majestic pine trees.

The Terap Pine Forest is a 16-hectare area that is the result of a trial project by the Kedah Forestry Department some 25 years ago.

However, it has only started attracting visitors in late 2016.

The hidden gem was left neglected until three years ago, when Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP Datuk Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir saw its gleam of potential for tourism.


His special officer Roslan Ghani said that it was then decided that two of the 16-hectare forest was to be used as a recreational site.

Two hectares of the forest covers some 1000 pine trees, making it quite a sizeable area.

“As soon as we got the green light from the state forestry department, we went down with the villagers to the forest to clear the forest floor. In addition to a climbing trail, we are planning to also add a few other facilities,” said Roslan to Bernama.

Fallen pine trees were used to make a wooden swing, benches and tables for the benefit of visitors.

“Among the infrastructure that we are planning to add are toilets, more benches and swings. We are also thinking of bringing in food trucks,” he said, adding that the upcoming amenities would cost some RM200,000.

To maintain the natural beauty of the forest, the infrastructure built were all made from the pine logs of fallen trees.

While there were plans to add on facilities to the area, Roslan said there were none for permanent structures like chalets. This is because the aim was to keep new infrastructure to a minimum so as to preserve the natural beauty of the place.

“Furthermore, we have to adhere to the guidelines stipulated by the State Forestry Department as this area falls under their jurisdiction,” he said.


The ethereal quality synonymous with pine forests has made it quite popular, especially among wedding photographers in the area.

“People started knowing about the area through word of mouth and now that it has become a favoured spot for wedding photography, it has attracted even more visitors,” he said.

The recreational forest is located along the old road heading out to the North South Highway through Bandar Baharu, making it quite accessible to visitors.

Despite having an average of 300 people visiting the forest every week, Roslan said there were no plans to develop the area drastically.

He did not believe that minimal facilities would deter visitors, especially among those who appreciated the unadulterated beauty of nature.

“There are plenty of visitors as it is. There are even more visitors when the wedding season comes around. 

“The wedded couple would usually come early in the morning in order to get the most ideal location for photographs. If not, they would have to wait their turn or look for other spots,” he explained.

Freelance photographer Razif Iskandar, 28, said that the Terap Pine Forest was often requested by couples as the location for their outdoor wedding photography shoot.

He said the background of trees, wooden swing and piles of logs made for very interesting photographs.

“It looks like a scenery from some country overseas,” he said.


He also found the raised tree roots, small hills and piles of wood at the forest floor the perfect area for extreme remote control car racing.

“My friends and I often hold extreme remote control car races here as it can get very exciting. The criss-cross of roots, fallen twigs and branches on the forest floor makes for a challenging race track,” he said.

The forest is also popular with families with many parents bringing their families to the location for sports and recreation.

Kulim Community College student Mohamad Takiuddin Tarmizi, 21, who was met by Bernama at the location said he had first heard of the recreational forest from friends and through social media.

“This is my second time here. This place certainly is unique because the natural beauty is still intact. It is an ideal place to go to to clear your mind and exercise, especially during the weekends,” he said.

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