LAST_UPDATEThu, 19 Jul 2018 11pm

Water Freezes To Ice In Mount Kinabalu

KOTA KINABALU: Water had frozen to become ice lumps at the peak of Malaysia’s tallest mountain, Mount Kinabalu.

This follows temperature plummeting to between -1 and -2 Celcius at the peak, which in turn had turned puddles of water found on top of the 4,095 m, frozen into ice

Kinabalu mountain guide association president Junaydie Sihan said the phenomenon of water freezing to ice on the mountain, reportedly took place on Monday, he told Harian Metro

“The incident of having ice at the peak is rare, but it does happen once or twice in a year.

“Last year, it happened in August, which saw water turning into ice lumps,” he said, adding the current temperature at the peak is between 3 and 5 degree celcius.

He said during cold weather periods, not only ice but something akin to frost can also be seen on the mountain side.

"But they are not snow, they are just ice particles.”