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Loving Melaka Wife Stands By Man Blinded, Severely Disfigured By Rare Disorder

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MELAKA: Life was a treasure for Hamdan Hashim, 30, and wife Nurr Hidayah Hassan, 29.

But that suddenly changed one day, earlier this year, when Hamdan developed pain in his eyes while working at a clothing factory store here.

“He was hurting and I rushed him to the clinic for treatment. The doctor prescribed him eye medication and pills to relieve his pain.

“However, in less than 24 hours, my husband’s eyes and mouth started to swell. That’s when I rushed him to the Melaka Hospital for further treatment,” said Nurr Hidayah, who is a part-time online entrepreneur.

“After the doctor prescribed him antibiotics, his condition worsened and his skin appeared as though he had been scalded.

“He was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) for a month. I was sad to see him that way, but as his wife, I had to stay strong,” Nurr Hidayah said when met at her grandmother’s house in Kampung Morten.

Hamdan was diagnosed with a rare, serious disorder known as Johnson Steven syndrome. It is an acute allergic reaction to medication or an infection, which affects the skin and mucous membranes. Sufferers often have the appearance of serious burn victims.

The disorder has also affected Hamdan’s vision, and he is now partially blind.

“The doctor told me that my husband will not be as healthy as before. He will not be able to see.

“My husband’s right eye cannot be saved, as there is a thin film membrane covering his eye.

“Now that he can’t see things, he can only listen to the radio,” she said.

Hamdan and Nurr Hidayah’s story came to light after pictures of the couple went viral on Facebook on Wednesday.

Nurr Hidayah said she received many negative comments on her husband’s appearance.

“Some even told me to divorce him!

“But I love him with all my heart and I will take care of him for a lifetime.

“Both in good and tough times, I want to be with him and I will find ways to help him heal,” said Nurr Hidayah, who married the love of her life three years ago.