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Busy Time For Workshops And Car Washes In Penang Following The Floods

George Town motor workshops and car wash operators are flooded with cars that were affected by last weekend’s storm.

Thousands of cars damaged in the flood are overflowing workshops while people flock to car wash centres to get rid of mud and sludge in the vehicles, The Star reports.

Mechanic Ng Chee Lun and his workers are currently working overtime to fix about 30 cars that were sent to his workshop in Kampar Road, and he is not accepting any more.

"The cars have to be fully washed, inside and out, before we can look at the engine,” he told the daily, while adding that it would take about two weeks to fully repair a car, and minor repairs could easily reach RM1,000.

Additionally, he advised car owners whose cars were submerged in flood water to not start their cars before having a mechanic look at it as engines with water in it can cause worse and more expensive damage.

Car wash owners are also busy as Yeoh Air Lee had 20 cars that were submerged in flood water sent to her to be washed and cleaned, and it was not an easy job with mud and dirt stuck to the car seats.

"We have to spend some time to scrub off the dirt to ensure there are no stains left on the seats.

"We also need bright hot sun for the drying process. This will usually take about two days but if the weather is gloomy, it will take about a week," the car wash owner at Jalan Kampung Pisang in Ayer Itam said.

As she now has no more space to accept cars to be washed, she is giving out appointment dates to those who are seeking her services.

Apart from cars, motorcycles were also damaged in the flood and realising the predicament that some of the owners are in, Boon Siew Honda (BSH) has offered their assistance to Honda bike owners that were affected through their After Sales Service for Flood Relief Programme for Penang.

“As part of our flood relief programme, we are offering a special discount on repairs for Honda models affected by the flood.

“We hope this will ease your burden during this difficult time,” Honda Malaysia wrote on their official Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman and Deputy CEO of BSH Datuk Sri Datuk Wira Tan Hui Jing said in a statement that they that this will “relieve some of the burden that our customers are dealing following the unprecedented flood disaster in Penang.”

“We (BSH) will do our best to provide assistance to our valued customers,” he assured.

Starting from November 10 till end of January, Honda is offering a 40 per cent discount on genuine parts and free labour charge for any service within the selected dealers.

Following the storm last weekend that devastated parts of Penang, flood victims and volunteers have been working long hours to clean up homes, streets and offices.