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Unhappy With State Assembly's Rejection Of Bugis Motion, Selangor BN Sends Memo To Palace

SHAH ALAM: Selangor Barisan Nasional has submitted a memorandum to the state palace, expressing their unhappiness over the State Assembly’s refusal to discuss Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s statement on Bugis ethic group.

Selangor BN deputy chief Datuk Mat Nadzari Ahmad Dahlan said the emergency motion submitted should have been discussed as it was a matter of importance since the former premier’s remarks had raised the ire of the Sultan of Selangor.

Instead, he said State Assembly Speaker, Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan had rejected the motion submitted by Kuang assemblyman Datuk Abdul Shukor Idrus, citing it as "a trivial and unreasonable issue".

“How can this be trivial, especially when it had gained the Sultan’s attention and the palace had also made a statement on it?

“Hence, we (Selangor BN assemblymen) came to hand over a memorandum to the Sultan to show our support (over the statement made) and to express our regret on the state assembly’s move to reject our motion.

“The assembly is the best place to deliberate and seek solution to this issue,” he told reporters after handing over the memorandum to the Sultan's private secretary Datuk Mohamad Munir Bani at the Istana Bukit Kayangan here today.

Shukor, when submitting the motion, had called for the state government to bar Dr Mahathir from attending any events in the state, as to disallow him from using any state government-owned premises.

This, was to show respect to the state ruler, Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

Yeoh, however, rejected the motion on three grounds - since police investigation is ongoing; state government-owned properties are for public use (subject to terms and condition); and the motion would delay discussions on the Budget 2018 and Supply Bill, which are of urgency.

“Emergency motion is about urgency. I have allowed it before in first sitting of 2014 filed by opposition leader then on water rationing. It was a matter of life and death that warrants emergency motion.

“Compare it with his (Shukor’s motion) current emergency motion. (Is this urgent?),” Yeoh told the New Straits Times today.

Mat Nadzari, who is also Batang Kali assemblyman, in response to this said an issue should not be discussed only if it has been brought to court.

“Being investigated by police, does not mean you cannot discuss. I do not accept this. It should be discussed and the public need to understand this matter and the consequences of commenting on one’s race or ethnicity.

“We are not hooligans as what they (state leaders) labelled us. We are disciplined and have principles.

“This is not a matter to be taken lightly. Is this the state’s stand on this (to turn a blind eye)? An action should be made by the state to show respect to the Bugis community, who ever they are.”

Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali had said the issue can be solved amicably.

On Nov 2, the Royal Court said the Sultan was angered and disappointed with Dr Mahathir’s remarks made at the “Sayangi Malaysia, Hapuskan Kleptokrasi” rally organised by Pakatan Harapan in Petaling Jaya on Oct 14.

The Sultan had reminded the public, especially politicians, not to turn race and ancestry issues into political tools as this could undermine the harmony and unity of the people.

The Sultan was angered, the Royal Court said, because insults against the Bugis community directly called into question the lineage of the Selangor royalty because it had Bugis ancestry.

It was reported that members of the council, after meeting the ruler, were of the view that a sedition probe against Dr Mahathir was warranted.

Several police reports have been lodged over the issue as the Bugis community in Malaysia took offence.

Dr Mahathir’s remarks have also caused consternation overseas, with several Indonesian leaders, vice-president Jusuf Kalla most recently, expressing disgust and demanding an apology.