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PAS Rejects Pakatan Harapan And Denies Political Cooperation With Umno

KOTA BHARU, May 19 - PAS deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man has pointed out that it will not join Pakatan Harapan but it is instead strengthening a third opposition block to face the 14th General Election (GE14).

He said there were certain people in Pakatan Harapan who tried to raise the issue on cooperation between PAS and UMNO which was not accurate, with the hope that PAS would join the pact.

"They hope PAS will join Pakatan Harapan but we will not join Pakatan Harapan because the principles championed by PAS were frequently opposed by several groups in the pact,"he told reporters after delivering a talk, here today.

Tuan Ibrahim criticised certain leaders in Pakatan Harapan who accused PAS of cooperating with UMNO to face the GE14 including the distribution of seats to be contested.

"As leaders, if we believe in information collected by the roadside then we are not qualified to become leaders, they should instead get the correct information," he said, adding that PAS had no political cooperation with UMNO.