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CNN's Coverage Of MH370 Invites Criticism

CNN slammed/Google ImagesCNN slammed/Google ImagesSINCE the beginning of MH370 flight disappearance, CNN has been providing a wall-to-wall coverage on the issue.

Now that we are in the third week of the search mission, the cable news network was reported to be continuously featuring ‘obsessive scoop’, all in the name of high ratings.

But the cable’s coverage on MH370 was touted by media practitioners to be nothing more than a bunch of speculative guesswork and sometimes outright goofiness.

The lack of ‘credible’ news about the incident sees the news agency filling their airtime with news of reporters sitting in flight simulators, panels of talking heads speculating (sometimes wildly), a ton of information that often turned out to be false just a few hours later and anchor Don Lemon was even ridiculed for holding a toy airplane to explain the tragedy.

To top it off, an agency such as CNN has also speculated on supernatural involvement in the mystery of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

All these resulted in a surge of criticism and mockery. Tom Rosenstiel, the Executive Director of the American Press Institute (a research center devoted to analyzing media) said, “Even a great story and a great mystery can become exploited. There were periods where the coverage entered into fantastical territory.”

Rosenstial is just one of many others. Even social media has not been kind to CNN. Here are a few examples on Twitter:

However the "rating surge" CNN is enjoying is relative for discussion. It may be huge numbers for them, but the same value would be seen as disappointing for the cable’s competitors, such as Fox News.


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