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This 17-Year-Old Girl Is On A Mission To Become The First Human On Mars

NASA has a mission to send the first human being to Mars in 2033 using the Space Launch System or the SLS rocket and the Orion spacecraft, and it might just be this 17-year-old Louisiana girl.

Alyssa Carson is an astronaut trainee who has always dreamed of going to space ever since she was a little girl.

After watching the cartoon 'The Backyardigans' at three, she told her father, “Daddy, I want to be an astronaut, and be one of the people that go to Mars” – and now her dream has turned into reality as she will be one of the first people there, at the ideal age of 32.

Alyssa was chosen as one of seven ambassadors for Mars One, NASA’s mission to establish the first human settlement on the red planet. And though she can only officially apply for NASA when she is 18, she has gone through many trainings, and has a list of accomplishments to boot as well.

Not only is she the youngest ever person to graduate Advanced Space Academy but also the first person in the world to have completed all three NASA Space Camps in United States, Canada, and Turkey. Besides that, she is the first and only person to complete the NASA Passport Program, having visited all 14 of NASA’s visitor centres across the United States.

Some of the programmes she has undergone include, attending space camp and space academy several times, as well as attending the robotics academy. She has mastered robotics and built her own rockets, and also witnessed three space shuttle launches aside delivering motivational speeches to other children.


Shallow Water Egress Training blindfolded. Day 1 a success

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Simulating missions over time, Alyssa eventually earned a mission control name ‘Blueberry’ and accounts of her building her credentials for the big day have been documented on her Instagram account @nasablueberry.

“I’m building my resume,” she confesses.

Though she is still in high school which she finds “boring” compared to her trainings, Alyssa has sacrificed a lot to get to where she wants to be, one of it is foregoing relationships, but she is willing to give that up for her future.

“The idea of having a family, that is something NASA would want you to consider once you come back from Mars.

“It’s a place we’ve never been to, and it’s a dangerous mission. Having someone you love on earth, that’s a distraction,” she told Teen Vogue.

And if she does meet someone, “He will have to wait”, until her mission is complete, hopefully by 36.