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[EXCLUSIVE] Meet The British-Born M’sian Who Was Offered A Full Scholarship At Top UK School

At 11 years old, Omar Mukhtar Omar Mukhlis (Mukhtar) displays an unparalleled talent in writing with a vast vocabulary and impeccable command of the English language, which played a pivotal role in encouraging him to become an aspiring author.

And perhaps this path is slowly starting to unfold as the British-born Malaysian was recently awarded a full scholarship to attend the prestigious King Edward’s School (KES) in Birmingham, United Kingdom (UK) – the very same school that the author of ‘The Lord of The Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ J.R.R. Tolkien, whom is also his role model, attended once upon a time.

Overwhelmed with exuberance, Mukhtar relayed to Malaysian Digest that, “I can’t express the happiness I felt when I found out I had the chance to attend KES with a full scholarship and make my parents proud.

“I was crying tears of joy,” whilst noting that the endless support and prayers from his loved ones and the sacrifices made were worthwhile.

While we, too, celebrate and applaud Mukhtar for his most recent milestone, our curiosity got the best of us as we queried the now-KES boy…

What Attracted You To Apply To ONLY KES?“From the very beginning, I felt like I belonged in KES! I loved everything about it.

“I felt that there was a strong connection between the school and I as soon as I stepped foot through the front door,” expressed the elated lad who had only learnt of the school last year in Year Five, from his class teacher who shared a leaflet of the school’s open day to him.

Founded in 1552 by King Edward VI, KES is an independent day school for boys and is regarded as one of the most successful boys’ school in the UK, with an average of 20 per cent of its students are regularly accepted by Cambridge and Oxford.

In fact, the aspiring author humbly pointed out that the school consistently produces high-quality students and is blessed with impressive alumni, that includes the likes of Nobel Prize winner-cum-author Lee Child and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Coca Cola James Quincey.

But its glistening reputation does not end there, as Mukhtar conveyed that the school’s GCSE and IB Diploma results are amongst the best in the UK and the best in the world.

 “KES was the only school I visited because I refused to visit any other schools for I had set my mind that I will attend KES – especially after knowing that one of my favourite authors (J.R.R. Tolkien) attended the school,” he highlighted.

With a goal in mind, Mukhtar then raced against time and prepared for the 11+ examination and the KES’s entrance examination in less than a month, while other hopeful candidates had years to prepare.


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His sacrifices, determination and hard work evidently paid off as he not only passed the 11+ examination with flying colours, but also passed the KES entrance examination – simultaneously beating out thousands of applicants.

“But it was a triple blessing because out of 125 students, I was one of the lucky 25 that passed the scholarship interview, and been offered the chance to get a full scholarship at KES,” he declared, while thanking God for the amazing opportunity and tying his success back to the endless support shown by his family. it has roughly been two weeks since his admission into his dream school, Mukhtar, who is admittedly “over the moon” shared the various school activities that await him.

“There is a wide range of trips held each year, such as to Lapland, Germany, Italy, Normandy and many more, and the trip that I will be going on at the end of next year is an end-of-year camping trip for the first-year children.

“But the trip I am most looking forward to is the writing retreat to North Wales, where we’ll be taught by many well-known authors,” wittily pointing out that the trip is tailor-made for him.

The eldest of three siblings also confessed that he is spoilt for choice for other extra-curricular activities, but stated that he looks forward to joining the school’s drama club and quite possibly learn an instrument, as well as maybe try his hand at fencing.

“By attending KES, I not only want to focus on my writing as I wish to broaden my knowledge to all areas.

“I’m hoping to expand my skills in things outside the curriculum, and I believe by doing this, KES can help shape me into becoming an all-rounder,” he said and expressed hope that it would be his golden ticket to Oxford University.

While his academic aspirations are impressive, we cannot help but notice that writing naturally flows in his veins. Hence, we got to grips with how it all started for the young lad and what keeps him inspired.

Mukhtar On Writing, Blogging, And His Upbringing Mukhtar calls himself just another “normal 11-year-old boy”, he has been actively blogging on The Pawsome Lion ever since he was nine.

His blog in which he pours his eloquent words and mature thoughts in has reached audiences hailing from 128 countries (and counting) – but his journey with words started long before he joined the bloggersphere.

To showcase his talent in writing, Mukhtar first started making a handmade magazine which he named ‘kakkoii‘ meaning cool in Japanese, and shared it with his schoolmates.

“They even made copies to be distributed to the whole school! But I soon found it to be too time-consuming because I had to do everything from scratch,” he explained.

This was when his mother, who is lovingly known as ‘Mrs Mom’ on popular Instagram account, @TheFamily.UK, suggested that he start a blog.

“It was perfect as I could share my writings with the whole world and my writings will be kept safe, forever,” he expressed, and noted that his mother advised him to brand himself in the process.

“So, I thought ‘The Famous Omar Mukhtar was known as The Lion of the Desert, and I’m a lion too.’ A lion has a paw, and I think the best word to describe me is awesome; therefore, Lion + Paw + Awesome = The Pawsome Lion.”


Did you know that my blog has been read by 123 countries and counting till date? Unbelievable, right? There are a total of 195 countries in the whole world, and 123 of them have read my humble blog! . I started blogging way back in 2015 at the age of 9. I've been through such a long journey since I started, and learnt so much along the way! For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to write. I recall writing from as young as the age of 4! And before I could even write, I expressed my passion of writing through drawing! From there, I built up my skill in writing. I can see now why Mrs Mom says I was 'BORN TO WRITE!' . The main purpose of me launching this blog was to encourage more people to read & write. Reading and writing open up the imagination and increase creativity, which is why I think it is very vital in today's modern society. It's important to challenge ourselves to read every day, however much you do, because reading leads to writing. Whether you read one page a day or one chapter, you just need to remember to keep it consistent, the same way with writing too. . I Thank God for blessing me with my greatest skill, writing, because without it, I wouldn't be who I am today! Also, I want to take the opportunity to THANK all the people who have been reading my blog and showing me immense support! I mean, 123 countries? I couldn't ask for more! I can still remember when I went for my interview at King Edward's School, the interviewers were surprised to find out that an 11-year old boy could attract readers from all over the world! To be able to write is one thing, to get people from over 100 countries to read your work is a completely different story! . Without my family, teachers, friends, and of course, you PAWSOME readers, I wouldn't be where I am today! I really appreciate all your kindness and PAWSOME support. Keep calm & carry on reading so that TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! . Pawsome Regards, Omar Mukhtar @thepawsomelion #LuckyNumber1 #BornToWrite #BritishBornMalaysian . Click the link on profile aboveto visit my blog or go to #GeniusFreeZone #TogetherWeCanChangeTheWorld . #thefamilydotuk ©

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Being gifted at wordplay, the young boy who is blessed with Malay, Arab, Thai and Pakistan ancestry, shared how he hails from an affectionate, supportive and positive household that never fails to read his writings, especially his two younger siblings, Fatimah and Ali.

“With all these positive vibes around, it’s hard not to be motivated! And especially from all those people around the world, who I don’t even know, but have given me lots of support, I am truly grateful that they regularly visit my blog to read my humble writing.

“They are the true inspiration for me to keep on writing and blogging,” shared the boy who fancies the published works of Roald Dahl, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens (to name a few).

Mukhtar also highlighted that writing enables him to create new worlds, whilst reading opens up his imagination. as “a son to the most amazing parents”, the wordsmith says at the end of the day, all credit for his success is due to them.

“They have always treated me with respect and value my opinions. They always get me involved in conversations and discussions, but also let me make my own decisions too.

“But the most valuable lesson that my parents have ever taught me is, ‘manners before education’ and ‘respect not only the people above you, but the people below you too’,” he emphasised.

“Throughout my childhood, my parents have always encouraged me to practise what I love doing most. They identified my love for reading and writing from when I was very young, and even before that.

“I cannot remember a single moment where I have been left in the dark to find my own way. I have always had my parents by my side to guide me. They have done so much for me, and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today!” professed the youngster who identifies himself as a Muslim first.

And while he vehemently stressed that a child’s success depends on their parents’ blessings, Mukhtar also reminded others that as Muslims, it is imperative to remember God in everything we do.

Lastly, Mukhtar believes the key ingredient for anyone who wishes to succeed in life is perseverance.

“I believe in working hard rather than working smart. Also, constantly remind yourself to stay humble because arrogance is poison to your soul.

“But above all, remember: You don’t have to be a genius to be successful!” he voiced.


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