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M’sian-Born Miss Universe New Zealand Finalist Says Syed Saddiq Is Her Dream Guy

Malaysian-born Nurul Shamsul, is set to break all stereotypes and take the hijab to an international level by competing in the Miss Universe New Zealand 2018 contest.

The girl who was born in Ampang, Selangor, and raised in New Zealand when she was just five has made a name for herself after advancing to the finals of the beauty pageant.

According to mStar Online, Nurul is currently in Malaysia, accompanied by her mother Ohan Anie Ediy, to promote the competition, which is expected to be held on August 4.

In an exclusive interview with the news portal, the 20-year-old girl shared a little bit about her background which includes her Indonesian heritage – her mother hails from Java, Indonesia, while her father, from Ipoh, Perak.

The eldest of three siblings is currently taking her Bachelor of Social Science with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Social Policy at the University of Waikato.


A month ago I was announced as a finalist for Miss Universe New Zealand. I remember the feelings I had before and after the announcement. I prayed that if this opportunity is good for me and my religion, then I wanted God to let it happen. If it wasn’t, then I wanted Him to turn me away from it. Now a couple weeks into the journey and I can tell you that it hasn’t always been easy. But in saying that, I’ve already grown so much as a person. Just never give up. It’s all about trusting that everything will be okay because He knows better. Alhamdulillah, I’m also super grateful for all the love and support so far. I hope that my intentions will always be kept pure and I will try my absolute best to fulfil them, insyaAllah. Also, don’t forget to vote for me, link is in bio. #missuniverse #missuniversenewzealand #roadtomissuniverse #journeytomissuniverse

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And though she has been raised overseas, Nurul claims that her heart is set on Malay men and elaborated that Youth and Sports Minister, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, precisely describes the characteristics she looks for in her dream man.

“I don’t mind if my man is from Malaysia or New Zealand, but I would prefer a Malay guy. The most important thing is he has the features I am looking for.

“It is good enough if the guy is smart, courteous, good and loyal. I see Syed Saddiq as someone smart and I really admire him,” she reportedly told mStar.

And while her mother similarly encourages Nurul to marry a Malay man, she however shared that she will not go against it if her daughter is fated to marry a foreign man.

Elaborating further on her participation, Nurul is confident that the contest will not jeopardise her Islamic image as she is not required to remove her hijab or wear a swimsuit.

“My parents were shocked when I told them about my participation. They were afraid of the perception of people that I would have to uncover my aurat (parts of the body not supposed to be exposed in public).

“Although I wear a ‘tudung’, I was optimistic about my participation in the competition and excited to compete with others,” said the lass who regards Oprah Winfrey and singer Yuna as her inspiration.

To those who wish to see a Malaysian taking home the crown in the Miss Universe New Zealand 2018 beauty pageant, cast your votes HERE. (*A fee of NZ $ 5 (RM13.72) is applicable.)

We wish Nurul all the best!