LAST_UPDATEWed, 18 Jul 2018 11pm

Thai Men Scramble To Save Dog Being Strangled By Huge Python

KUALA LUMPUR: A harrowing incident in a jungle clearing in Thailand has demonstrated that MAN is dog’s best friend.

The event was captured in a four-minute viral video which opens to the distressing sight of a black hound being strangled to death by a giant python.

Only the canine’s hind legs and defiantly-wagging tail are visible, as the rest of it is encased in the massive, coiled reptile.

A group of local men and a white dog initially seem at a loss as to what to do, with one man making a feeble attempt to distract the snake with a twig.

But when the dog’s tail stops wagging, and the white mutt’s barks grow desperate, the men snap into action.

Three of the guys heroically grab brooms and use the handles to try to pry the tightly-wound python from the poor pooch.

After a mighty struggle they finally manage to uncoil the serpent’s tail, which two men pull on and drag, while two others hold down the unmoving hound.

The brave men succeed in fully unfurling the reptile’s roughly five-metre bulk, but the prone dog remains snagged by the snake’s fangs.

A gruesome game of tug of war ensues, as two men yank the snake’s tail on one end while two other men pull on the lifeless dog’s forelegs.

Amidst the tugging, the dog, which was thought a goner, suddenly springs to life and runs helter-skelter from the still-attached jaws of the serpent. (The canine had either passed out or had been doing what dogs do well – playing dead).

After a brief struggle, the dog breaks free of the python and skedaddles off camera, likely vowing never to try and play fetch with a snake again.

The men then back away from the frustrated snake, which grumpily slithers away into the forest.

Kob khun krup, fellas!