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[Video] A Japanese Vendor Trying To Sell Mahathir His Products Goes Viral

In his previous 22-year tenure at the helm of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s adoration of the Japanese work ethic has been no secret. 

With his famous ‘Look East’ policy before this, and his insistence on maintaining a cordial diplomatic relationship with the Japanese, it has always been clear that the 93-year-old holds the Japanese in his highest esteem.

In fact, now that Tun Dr Mahathir is back at the helm as the Prime Minister, his first foreign working visit is to visit Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister. And it seems that he is still amazed by the Japanese.

And in between official functions, Tun Dr Mahathir took some time to explore the hustle and bustle of Japan’s capital, Tokyo.

In a viral video uploaded on his official Facebook page, Tun Dr Mahathir was spotted stopping by a store operated by a lone Japanese salesman, promoting his wares.

The recording shows Tun Dr Mahathir in a Tokyo shopping mall, pausing  by a stall that sold various knick-knacks, including clothes hangers.

Seizing the chance to sell his product, the salesman immediately launched into demonstrating the usage of his product, which elicited a few giggles and snickers from Mahathir’s entourage. Little did the Japanese vendor realise that his enthusiastic promotional gig was about to go viral beyond his own country's shores.

Although it is unclear if Tun Dr Mahathir did buy anything from the stall, it is safe to say that he was clearly genuinely impressed by the promoter’s display of enthusiasm to the extent of sharing it on Facebook.

In describing the video, Tun Dr Mahathir praises the work ethic demonstrated by the vendor.

"I am impressed by the commitment and the pride of the Japanese, no matter what type of work they do. These are the values we should emulate," he wrote.

Netizens shared the sentiments of Tun Dr Mahathir as well, with many of them sharing praises and saying that we should emulate the Japanese as well.

During Tun Dr Mahathir’s visit to Japanese, he reaffirmed Malaysia’s commitment to a good relationship with Japan.

He also urged all Malaysians to emulate the Japanese work ethic.